Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


13. In a mess

Ashley's P.O.V

"ASHY!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" Mandy screams from downstairs. I race downstairs to see Mandy jumping around and Michael laughing at her. Mandy jumps on me and grins. She leans towards me and whispers, "I'm not single anymore" I gasp. "Who! Who! Who?" I yell. "Luke" she grins. Luke appears chuckling. I hug Mandy before walking over to Luke.

"You hurt her. You will have a broken nose" I say. Luke nods, looking scared. I grin and hug him. "Don't be scared Luke" I chuckle. "And I hear you're not single either" Mandy grins at me. I see Ashton glare at the ground. "Yeah" I smile. "I want to meet him" Mandy declares. "That will not be on my wish list" I mumble to myself. "Why not?" Luke challenges. "Welllllllll...Mandy and Calum in the same room as my boyfriend. That will either end up, my boyfriend dying or running away from me and completely avoiding me" I shake my head. Mandy laughs. "We're not that bad" Calum chuckles, messing my hair up. I glare at him and fix it, with the help of one of the many mirrors in our house.  

My phone rings on the coffee table. "Lucas" I smile, as I answer it. "Can we talk?" Lucas asks. "We already are, but yeah. Where?" I ask. "The park, in five?" Lucas asks. "Sure, see you then" I smile. He hangs up, everyone is looking at me, so I add. "Love you too" and jog upstairs to my room. I grab my bag and leave the house, yelling goodbye to everyone.

I get to the park and spot Lucas. "I can't do this anymore" Lucas says as I approach him. "What?" I furrow my eyebrows together. "I can't do this anymore. I can't fake loving you" Lucas sighs. "Why not?" I ask. "Because, I know that you don't love me, but I actually love you" Lucas says softly. "I'm sorry" he nods at me and runs off. I groanand sit on the bench. 

I text Ashton.

'Come to the park. I really need a hug xxx - Ashy<3'

I get no reply but five minutes later Ashton shows up. I smile and start walking to a private place, nobody goes here anymore. Ashton appears five minutes after me. I walk over to him and hug him tightly. He hugs me tightly. I lean up and kiss him softly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry you're in this mess, my mess" I whisper. Ashton smiles slightly and kisses me again. "I chose you. So I will help you through this 'mess'" He chuckles, putting air quotation marks around mess. I really like Ashton, he is amazing! 

"Should we go home?" I ask. "Just a little longer" Ashton mumbles. I nod and look up at the blue sky. After about thirty more minutes of talking and cuddling, we walk home together. 

I open the door to be met by Calum and Mandy. "Why the hell were you gone for two hours?!" Calum asks. Mandy nods. "Lucas broke up with me and I didn't feel like coming home, so Ashton came to find me and bring me home," I explain. "Except, she was stubborn" Ashton adds. "Thanks for bringing her home" Mandy smiles hugging Ashton. "No problem Mandy" Ashton smiles. Luke wraps his arm around Mandy's waist. Mandy grins and leans into him. 

Luke smiles. I grin at them and walk past Calum. I go to the kitchen and chop up some watermelon for myself. "I want some too" Michael grins, walking into the kitchen. I chuckle and chop some more up. I put it all on the plate. Michael and I sit on the couch together and share our watermelon, while watching Neighbours. I don't really like this show, but Michael does, so I'll watch it.

"Can I have some?" Luke asks, signalling to the watermelon. "No, get your own" Michael smirks. "Ashley?" Luke asks. "Sorry Luke, bosses orders" I chuckle quietly. "Good girl, you are my favourite" Michael grins, patting my head. I laugh and put the plate on the table as I finish the last piece of watermelon. Luke sits next to me with the water melon. I steal a piece and pop it into my mouth. I then steal one for Michael and he pops it into his mouth. Luke shakes his head. "That's not fair" he complains. "Life isn't fair" I smirk. Luke laughs and sits with Mandy. "Bye then" Michael and I say together.

I lay my head on Michael's lap and lay on the couch. Michael casually lays his arm across my neck lightly. "You know how to respond to a girl lying on your lap" Mandy states. "I have a girlfriend back home, she always lies on my lap" Michael explains. "Fair enough" Mandy nods. "Where are Cal and Asht?" I ask. "Here" Ashton says, lifting my feet up and sitting down. I put my feet back on his legs as Calum sits next to him. My shins are on Calum's lap. I smile. This is actually comfortable. 

My phone rings beside me. "Hello" I answer. "Ashley!! How are you?" Someone chirps. "Sorry?" I ask. "Oh right, sorry. It's Claudia" the voice chirps. "I have to go, sorry" I say and hang up. "Who was that?" Michael asks. "Some person named Claudia" I shrug, well, half shrug. Michael chuckles and turns back to the tv. 

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