Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


4. Heeeeeeeyyy

Ashley's P.O.V

"Ashley" Calum squeaks out. "Heeeeeeeeeyyy" I say dragging out the e. The three boys around Calum lift their jaws and try to look normal. I smirk to myself. 

"Okay Calum, i know I've changed and stuff but can I atleast have a hug?" I ask smiling. Calum stands up, with no emotion and hugs me. I feel a stab of sadness, I knew Calum wouldn't like it, but I had a tiny bit of hope he would sort of like it.

I sigh. "Well, hello Calum's friends" I wave. "I'm Ashley" I smile slightly. "Calum and Ashley are twins" mum says from across the room. "Not anymore, my sister wouldn't wear this" Calum spits. "Calum!" Dad yells, appalled. "No he's right, and my brother wouldn't care if I changed a bit" I spit back.

"Ashley!" Mum says sternly. We both ignore our parents. "I wouldn't care if you changed a bit, but this, this is over the top!! Are you trying to impress someone?!" Calum yells. "No!" I yell. If anyone, he should know I don't try to impress people with my looks. "This is who I am! And you can take it or leave it!" I yell. "I'll leave it! I want my sister back!" Calum yells. 

"I am your sister you idiot!! Just because I changed a little doesn't mean my personality has changed" I yell. "I bought you a gift but I'm sure you wouldn't want a gift from your sister who changed!" I scream ditching the present at Calum's feet.

The silence takes over the room. "For the record, I think you're gorgeous" one of Calum's friends pipes up. He has a lip piercing. I smile slightly. "I'm going" I mutter pushing past Calum and going to my room.

I slam my bedroom door shut and grab my phone. 

'Wanna go out? Just us? X - Ash'

'Sure, where to? X - **** *** ***'

'Anywhere, I just need someone at the moment X - Ash'

'okay, meet you outside the mall? X - **** *** ***'

'Yep, thanks so much Xx - Ash'

I put my purse, phone, earphones, make-up and my lucky pen in my bag. Yes. I have a lucky pen, it gives me luck. Obviously. That's why it's called a lucky pen.

I re-apply my make up and fix my hair. Time to go to the shopping centre! I smile. I try to sneak past Calum and his friends. "What are you doing?" Calum asks, concern in his voice. "Somewhere, anyways, why would you care?" I spit. "Mum, can I meet my friend?" I ask. "Of course sweetheart, be back before curfew" mum kisses my forehead.

I kiss dad's cheek and go out the door with my bag. 


This chapter wasn't very long because I need Ashley's best friend. I need the name, looks, age (16, 17, 18 perferably), if you want to date Calum, Luke or Michael or not, nickname if you want one, and anything else you think I should know. Ok, thank you all xxxx


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