Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


7. Mandy

Mandy's P.O.V

I crunch on chips as I work out how much money I have. A knock on my door interupts me. I roll my eyes and get up. "Who is it?" I call out. "Food" Ash yells out. "Oh and Ash" she adds. I laugh and open the door. She places the food on the table and hugs me tightly.

"Girl time?" I ask. She nods and closes and locks the door. It's night time you never know what can happen with all the robbers in the world, and in Australia. I put all my money in my purse and throw it onto the kitchen bench. I set up a whole thing for Ash and I to talk in.

I may not be a girly girl but I sure have learnt how to throw a girls night, that's what happens when you grow up with an over obsessive, girly mum. 

"Do you want to talk, eat or watch a movie first?" I ask. "Movie and food" Ash says. I nod and set up our food in bowls and on plates. I place Mean Girls in the dvd player and we settle down to watch it.

I much on my remaining chips, scrolling through my phone. I get a text from Ash. What?? I open it, confused.

'Ashley is over your house right? - Ash'

'Yes, why? Who is this? Why are you on Ash's phone? - Mandy'

'Her mum guessed and I was making sure :) I'm Luke Hemmings , I'm on Ashley's phone because she left it at her house :) - Ash'

'Oh ok, I'm Mandy :) - Mandy'

'How are you Mandy? ;) - Ash'

'I'm good, and you? - Mandy'

'Why I text you on my phone? ;) - Ash'

'Sure, copy my number from Ash's phone - Mandy'

'Will do - Ash'

"You left your phone at home" I inform Ash. "Oh ok, thanks Mand" she smiles and turns her head back to the movie. My phone vibrates on my leg. I pick it up and read the text.

'It's Luke ;) - **** *** ***'

I create a contact, Luke's contact.

'It's Mandy (; - Mandy'

'Really -_- - Luke'

'If you don't need obvious then I won't talk to you, bye - Mandy'

'No! Don't go - Luke'

'Ahaha, ok - Mandy'

Luke and I text each other until the movie finishes. 

"Okay Ash, let's talk" I say placing my phone on the table. She sighs and rests her feet on the coffee table. "Explain everything" I order.

Ash nods. "I used to be not like this" Ash chuckles. "I used to be a sweet, sixteen year old tom boy. I never looked at dresses, never curled or straightened my hair, never wore make-up, I didn't have any piercings, I kept my hair my natural colour and I focused on my studies more than anything else" Ash says. Wow, I never knew any of that.

She looks at me, waiting for a reply. "What the hell happened?" I ask. Ash chuckles. "You look so shocked, anyways, I was upset that Calum left and I suppose, I just," Ash pauses, looking for the appropriate word. "Well, I just changed" Ash shrugs. I nod.

"Well, I love you like this, so what happened with your brother?" I ask, quite interested. "Well Calum saw me come in and freaked out and then we had an arguement about me changing and he said I wasn't his sister and I said he wasn't my brother and when I tried to mend our relationship but he didn't want to and now I'm terribly angry at him" Ash explains. 

I nod. "Let me think for a moment" I say, stroking my imaginary beard. "Alright sweetheart, get up" I say standing up. She looks at me. I smirk and start walking to my front door. "Where are we going?" Ash asks jogging over to me. "Somewhere, get in the car, no questions" I grin. She rolls her eyes and follows my orders. I grab my phone and my keys and lock the door.

I hop in my car and drive to Ash's house. "No no no, Mandy" Ash warns me. "Calm down babe, we're just getting your phone" I lie. Ash sighs and nods. I know she doesn't believe me, but I want to meet this brother of hers. 

I park the car and practically drag Ash into her house. "Evening Mrs. Hood" I say politely. "Evening Mandy, go on into Calum's room, all the boys are in there" Mrs. Hood smiles.

I nod and drag Ash to her brothers room. Here goes nothing...


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