Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


17. Co-author anyone?

Hello! :D So I have been thinking, and I would like someone to co-author with me :) So if you have any ideas and wanna co-author with me, just ask :) oh and I will take two, if two people wanna do it :) and I will probably edit the chapters, and you guys can help me edit the ones I write :)

  ~ Elounor_forever xxx


Ashley's P.O.V

"So Claudia, how did you meet Mandy and Ashy?" Calum asks, smiling. Claudia looks at me with wide eyes. I chuckle and shake my head. "Sweetie, it's ok, if you are going to be at my house you have to get used to these idiots" I smile. "We met at school" Claudia squeaks out. Mandy bursts out laughing. "Sorry" she laughs. "My mum just texted me the worst joke ever" Mandy says through her laughter. Luke and her go off somewhere, laughing about something. 

"So Mikey, I hear youu have a girlfriend" I tease, wiggling my eyebrows at him. "Oh shush you" he says waving me off. I laugh and hug him. "What are you guys doing tonight?" Claudia asks, taking a bite of a sandwich. "Movies" Ashton smiles. I nod and wink at Claudia. She grins at me. "Hey Cal?" I ask. "Yeah Ashy?" He replies, roaming the fridge. "What time will you be home?" I ask, smiling sweetly. "Around eleven, why?". "Just wondering, I'll be asleep by then" I smile. I see Claudia looking at me. I catch her eye. She signals towards the clock. We gotta go get ready.

"MANDYYYY!!!" I yell. I am going back to my old self already. It's nice not to be a fake. "Yeah babe?" She asks, popping her head in the kitchen. "You, Clauds and I are going to my room" I state. She catches Claudia's eye and nods. "See you boys later" Mandy blows a kiss to Luke and makes her way to my room. Claudia follows. I hug Calum and kiss his cheek. "See you later" I smile. He nods. I hug Luke, then Mikey. I jump into Ashton's arms and he spins me around. "How come he got a longer hug?" Luke complains. "Because he has the same initial as me" I poke my tongue out at Luke and walk to my room. 

"Ok girls, we got away with it" Mandy grins as I shut the door. "They should be gone soon" Claudia adds. We all high five and wait for the, to leave. Once they leave we all go in different directions to have showers. We have three bathrooms in our house, so it makes it easier, and we can all have hot water at the same time. 

I wash my body, hair and dry. I put my underwear on and blow dry my hair. As my hair is naturally straight, I don't have to straighten it. I apply my make-up and moisturise my legs. I wriggle into my short, tight, sparkley, black dress and put a third of my hair over my left shoulder. I turn the bathroom light off and go to my wardrobe. I grab my gorgeous black boots that I bought the other day, the ones with the three inch heels. Ugh, gorgeous!!! 

I put my boots on and wander into the living room. Mandy wolf whistles. I wink at her. "Clauds, hurry up" Mandy groans. "I'm coming" she mutters, sliding an earing in. I touch my ears and gasp. "What?" Mandy and Claudia ask, looking worried. "I forgot earings" I shrug and jog to my room. I get my big hoops and slide them in. I take a look at myself in the mirror and nod in satisfaction. 

I join the girls and lock the house up. We pile into Mandy's convertable and we drive off to the party. Claudia gets us in and we head straight to the dance floor. Us three dance for ages, enjoying ourselves, forgetting about everything. I forget about my brother and my boyfriend and everyone for the time being.

Calum's P.O.V

"I feel like something isn't right" I stress as Michael drives us home. "I'm sure they're fine Cal" Luke pats my shoulder. "Yeah, they're probably sleeping" Ashton adds. I nod but can't ignore the pit in my stomach. Something isn't right, I just know it. We get home and we get out of the car. I grab my keys and unlock the front door. I go straight up to my sisters room. I knock on the door softly. When I get no reply I open the door and peek my head in. I turn the light on and gasp. Where are they?

"Guys!" I call. They take like five minutes to get to me. I roll my eyes at them and point to the empty room. Michael gets his phone out and rings them. None of them pick up their phones. "They're probably at Claudia's or Mandy's" Luke suggests. I nod. We get in the car and drive to Mandy's. There is no car at all and no lights are on. I shake my head and Michael drives us to Claudia's. How he got her adress? I have no idea.

I go knock on the door. "Yes?" A lady asks, opening the door. "Sorry for the late hour, I'm looking for my twin sister Ashley, she's with your daughter Claudia and their friend Mandy" I say, praying that the lady is Claudia's mum. "Oh yes, they went to a party around the block" the lady shakes her head. My anger starts to bubble. I grit my teeth together and clench my fists. "Thank you" I spit out and storm to the car. 

I slam the door shut and do my seatbelt up. "Go home" I order. Michael nods. We get out the car and wait in the living.

I explain to the boys where they are. Luke looks worried and angry, Michael looks angry and Ashton looks worried. I'm guessing we all look angry and worried. 

Ashley's P.O.V

We get out of Mandy's convertable and I unlock the front door. We walk in giggling. "Shhhh" I whisper yell. We continue giggling, but tip toe through the house. "You're back a bit late" a man's voice states. "Dad?" Claudia whispers, we all go quiet as the light turns on. My parents, Mandy's parents, Claudia's parents, Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael are sitting or standing in the living room somewhere. 

Mandy, Claudia and I look at each orher with wide eyes. "Uh oh" Mandy mumbles. Claudia crosses her legs together. She's been needing to pee the whole way home. "Why were you out so late?" My dad asks. "You aren't supposed to be in the state" I state. "You didn't answer his question" Calum states. I bite down on my tongue, really hard, to keep myself from saying something I'll regret later. "We were out" I smile sweetly. 

"Out where?" Mandy's dad asks. "At a party" Mandy mumbles. "What was that?" Her mum adds. "We were at a party" Mandy says loudly. "You're not allowed to go out to partys" Claudia's dad states. "Mum let me go" Claudia rolls her eyes. "I didn't let you go, you informed me when you were already there" Claudia's mum states. 

"You had me worried sick" Calum states walking over to us. "We are sixteen and seventeen not seven! We can look after ourselves!" I yell, my temper taking over. Calum and I have really quick tempers, they wear very thin, very quickly. 

"Are we not allowed to forget about everything for one night?" I yell. "I did not say-" "I know what you were going to say Calum!" I scream. "ENOUGH!" My father roars. Calum sinks into his seat and I step back. "It would be best if you took your daughters home" my mother says calmly. Claudia's mum and Mandy's mum nod. I hug Mandy and whisper in her ear, "Good luck". I do the same to Claudia. They nod. Once they leave my dad explodes. 


"I understand what a piece of rubbish I am" I spit. I wipe my tears away and glare at Calum. "It's all your fault" Calum states. I nod. "I know Calum, I was just hoping you'd stick up for me. But what was I thinking. You don't care" I say and start walking to my room. I turn my head to Ashton and stare into his eyes. "Oh and Ashton" I say in a sickly sweet voice. "We're over. I can't do this anymore" I state and go to my room, crying my eyes out.


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