Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


14. Claudia

Ashley's P.O.V

My phone rings from inside my bag. Oh no. Shut up phone. "Who's phone is that!" My teacher skrieks. Everyone turns to me. I glare at them all. "Empty your bags!" He orders. A guy sitting next to me pulls out my phone. "It's Ashley's" he smirks. I glare at him. I snatch it out of his hand and go to decline the call. "Answer it" my teacher demands. I roll my eyes and answer it. "Ashley speaking" I snap. "Hey Ash, it's Lucas-" "Lucas? Really Lucas? In the middle of class! I told you thousands of times! Don't call me when I'm in class" I spit and hang up.

"ASHLEY HOOD TO THE OFFICE. NOW!!" He roars. I shove my stuff into my bag and stand up. I glare at everyone as I walk past, making sure to look confident. "I'll be happy to get out of this dump" I roll my eyes and slam the door. I grab my stuff that I need from my locker and walk furiously out of school. I hate Lucas. He is such an idiot. I call Luke.

"Hey Ashy" Luke answers. "Pick me up?" I ask. "Sorry Ashy, the boys and I are recording" Luke apologises. "Whatever" I mumble and hang up. "It's a nice day" A girl besides me remarks. I nod. It is actually. "Sorry about last night, I'm Claudia. I was ringing you to tell you Lucas was going to ring you during class" Claudia says. "You knew?" I ask. "Yeah. Lucas told me his plan" Claudia rolls her eyes. "Sorry for hanging up" I apologise. "No worries. I would have done the same" Claudia laughs waving her hand. "I'm Ashley" I smile. "Nice to meet you in person Ashley" Claudia laughs. I grin. 

"Why aren't you in class?" Claudia asks. "Lucas, you?" I ask. "Got bored" Claudia shrugs. I laugh. "Shopping day?" Claudia asks holding up her purse. I grin. "Let's go!"My phone bings. I get it out and read the text. 

'Am so bored _-_ help meeee x - Mandy'

"Claudia" I say. "Yeah Ashley?" She asks. "Can Mandy come with us?" I ask. "Of course!" Claudia smiles. 

'Shopping with Claudia and me? X - Ashley' 

'I'll be there X - Mandy' 

Moments later Mandy comes sprinting over to us. "Run!" She yells. I see a teacher chasing after her. Claudia starts her car up. I jump in shotgun and open the back door for Mandy. Mandy jumps in and closes the door. "Drive!" She yells. Claudia hits the pedal and we drive off. "Sorry for that" Mandy laughs. "I'm Mandy" she adds. "It's fine, I'm Claudia" Claudia smiles. Mandy does her seatbelt up and leans back. "What teacher was that?" I ask. "The janitor" Mandy laughs. "Ohhh" I mumble. Claudia and Mandy laugh at me. "Oh shut up" I wave them off. They laugh harder. I roll my eyes and turn the music up.

We get to the shopping centre and go inside. We all turn towards different stores. "Text when we wanna meet, text for help, etc?" Claudia asks. "Yep" I nod. Mandy and I get Claudia's number and give her ours. "See you guys later" I grin and walk towards City Beach. I go to the bikini section and pick out a few cute bikini's in my size. I go to the changing rooms and try them on. I take a picture of one and send it to the girls.

'Yey or ney? - Ashley'

'YEY YEY YEY!! - Claudia'

'Yey, definately. You look gorgeous in it xx :* - Mandy'

'Thanks girls xx :* - Ashley'

I get changed into my other clothes and go out of the changing rooms. I put two of the bikini's back and buy the other three, a pair of shorts and a singlet. 

I pay for my clothing items and go into Top Shop. I buy a heap of clothes and go into a shoe shop.

I pick out a pair of boots and fall in love with them. "I am in love" I mumble to myself as I admire them on my feet. I pick out some mores shoes, including: black boots with three inch heels, sandles, red heels, black flats and a pair of fluffy, pink slippers. 

I pay for all my shoes and walk out the store with my many bags. I look through my ourse and realise I have no money left. I sigh and text the girls.

'Meet me in the food court when you're done. I have no money left x - Ashley'

I go to the food court and pick out a booth that will fit three people and our shopping bags. I place my bags beside me and slide my feet out of my two inch heels. My phone buzzes. I look at my text and smile.

'Thinking of you x - Asht<3'

'Miss you :( x - Ashy<3'

'What you up to? X - Asht<3'

'Waiting for Claudia and Mandy x - Ashy<3'

'Sounds fun x - Asht<3'

'Enjoying it so much! _-_ x - Ashy<3'

'Calum's here, see you later xx - Asht<3'

'Bye hun xx - Ashy<3'

"Who you texting?" Claudia asks sitting next to my bags, she places her bags down. "Ashton" I smile slightly. "As in Ashton Irwin?" Claudia asks, her eyes going wide. "Yeah" I mumble. Please don't fan girl. Please don't fan girl. She sees my face and chuckles. "Don't worry. I won't freak out and fan girl. I forgot your brother was Calum" Claudia chuckles. "Thank you" I smile. "No problem. I know the feeling. It's like, just shut up. I don't care" Claudia laughs. I laugh along with her. 

"I bought food!" Mandy grins placing a cheese burger in front of Claudia and I. She puts a big mac in front of her. "I know you usually have a salad Ashy, but Luke told me to get you a burger, he said you're too skinney" Mandy smirks. "I didn't know what you wanted, so I got you a cheese burger" Mandy smiles at Claudia. "Thank you Mandy! I'm starving!" Claudia says, starting to eat. I carefully unwrap my burger. I haven't had McDonald's in years. I stopped eating anything unhealthy.

AllI ate for a year was salad. I have to say, I have missed my Big Mac's. I used to have them all the time with Calum. I eat my cheese burger quickly. Mandy gasps at my food eating speed. "What? I used to have burgers all the time with Calum" I shrug, taking a bite of her big mac. Mandy glares at me for a quick second before eating the rest of her burger. Claudia and I laugh. "You girls coming to my house?" I ask. Mandy nods. "Yep" Claudia smiles. "Sleeping?" I ask. They both nod. "Ok cool" I smile.

We put our bags in the boot and drive to my house. Mandy and Claudia help me bring my bags inside. They leave theirs in the car as they don't need them at the moment. 

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