Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


1. Prolouge

I'm Ashley Hood. Calum Hood's twin sister. I'm an eighteen year old, popular, sassy, girly girl. I wear heels, short clothes, dresses, make-up, straighten, curl and dye my hair. I have my ears and belly peirced. 

One thing, my twin brother doesn't know about this stuff...

Before he left, I was sixteen, not popular, sweet, tom boy. I wore vans, boy clothes, I never even looked at a dress, I didn't wear make-up, never dyed, curled, straightened my hair. I had no peircings.

That was me two years ago, two years since I saw my brother, and let's just say when he gets back he's going to get a tiny surprise...



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