Alley Runners

Alley Runners is about a wooden box. And if you go in this box, it takes you to a whole different time, where you face all the disasters in that time period. It also traps you in your worst fears, and dreams while in the transition from time from time period. But there is also a keyhole, which means there's a key. Tila, a young Alley Runner was made a Scavanger, and was on the hunt. When she succeeded every task she was given, she was the one chosen to keep this key for her generation. She had to guard the key, as well as find the box. While doing the duty she was given as being a Scavanger and hunting for food and supplies had to unlock the box. If she were to find the ledgendary box and unlock it, everybody that ever went in it in would escape. But if she failed to find it in the next fifteen years after she was given the key, her time period will cease to exist. No one has ever been able to find it, and many time periods have disappeared from existance. Can Tila do succeed..


4. Senses

   Karlos lead Tila into a dark room. There was a few old spotlights in the room. The dirt walls suprisingly didn't have any cracks, but then again, most buildings were new since the floods two years ago. 

   "I'm going to throw weapons from several different angles into that room. You need to use every sense except sight and of course taste to figure out what position I'm in, and where the weapon is going to go. I'll blindfold you. Don't worry, the weapons are wooden, but they'll leave a bruise if it hits you." Karlos said. He shut the spotlights off, and walked Tila into the room. He wrapped about seven layers of cloth over her eyes. He then locked the door.

   The room became cold. She shivered and closed her eyes from inside the blindfold. No point in keeping them open. Listening with her ears, she heard a slight tap coming from her right. She quickly dashed to the other side. She heard the swoosh from above her, and quicly did a back bend. She flipped herself back up, and tensed again. She placed her hand on the sides, feeling each and every move Karlos made from the top of the room. 

   Then she had an idea. She flipped herself, swing her legs up in the air. Caught off guard, Karlos lost his balance and fell. Luckily it was only a five foot drop. 

   "Oof!" exclaimed Karlos. He groaned, but there was pads underneath him, so it wasn't too rough of a landing. Since he was caught of guard, it was not the softest landing, but both Tila and Karlos were thankful it wasn't off a skyscraper. He grunted and walked over to Tila, and took off the seven layers. He laughed as Tila's hair went static, and she patted it down. 

   "That was very impressive. I've never seen anything like it. No one has shown sugh intrest, and no one has been able to pull of a move that shows both offense and defense. At least that I've trained. Sure, I have a couple bruises, but don't we all?" said Karlos.          

     "I hope I didn't hurt yout too bad." she said. "Did I open any wounds?" she exclaimed.

   "No. And if you did, it wouldn't have been you, it would have been the mat." he replied. He laughed again. He smiled brightly at Tila. "I think it's time we wrap this up. You can practice at home, and work on anything you like, such as speed and agility. Good work today and I'll see you tomorrow to talk about protocalls." Karlos said. He then trotted off to drop off anything he found this morining. Tila looked over his shoulder to see her bread she found. Her mother must have dropped it off while she was training. She smiled, and went home.


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