Alley Runners

Alley Runners is about a wooden box. And if you go in this box, it takes you to a whole different time, where you face all the disasters in that time period. It also traps you in your worst fears, and dreams while in the transition from time from time period. But there is also a keyhole, which means there's a key. Tila, a young Alley Runner was made a Scavanger, and was on the hunt. When she succeeded every task she was given, she was the one chosen to keep this key for her generation. She had to guard the key, as well as find the box. While doing the duty she was given as being a Scavanger and hunting for food and supplies had to unlock the box. If she were to find the ledgendary box and unlock it, everybody that ever went in it in would escape. But if she failed to find it in the next fifteen years after she was given the key, her time period will cease to exist. No one has ever been able to find it, and many time periods have disappeared from existance. Can Tila do succeed..


3. S.A.T.

  As Tila pushed the doors open,  heads turned. It was like  a wave of black and brown heads,  all flooding toward her. Everyone smiled at her,  and Tila walked toward them,  gleefully greeting everyone that congratulated her. 
  She then walked to the front,  where the leader of the Scavengers stood. He looked proudly at Tila,  and gave her a curt node. She nodded back,  and stepped back into the ocean of people.  
  Whispers flooded the room,  and it started to sound like the Mess Hall,  the place where they ate. 
  "Quiet down everyone. Quiet down" said the leader. "We all know of our new apprentice in S.A.T., and I know we will all show her how we work. Karlos,  you will be her mentor. You know where to start." he said.  "Scavengers dismissed to S.A.T."
  People scattered to different areas of the building,  mentors asking apprentices questions to test them, and apprentices answering. 
  "We'll start with the basics. " said Karlos. He looked about 17, and had jagged jet black hair. He must have cut it with a knife, because of the jagged edges. He had scars across his biceps,  and a couple of cloth bandages wrapped around battle wounds. He had ripped green shirt on,  with jagged ripped jeans. The pants had loose material and strings coming out of the bottom,  probably from all the running he did. He also had a satchel, but it was different from Tila's. It had small engravings with the words Official Scavanger on it, just like his badge. In his hand, Karlos had a small utencil, used for engraving. He grabbed Tila's Sachel and engraved the same words on it.

   "What do we start with?" she asked. 

  "The ability to sneak in the shadows, to camoflauge, is one of the most important skills a Scavanger can have. The Red Guards may be thick headed and gullible, but they have keen eyes. Especially in numbers. You need to be aware of your surroundings, and things to help you camoflauge. You may get dirty, but dirty is the life of a Scavanger. No time for being pretty these days." he replied.

  " So, we start with senses?" she asked

  "No. We start with how to use our senses."

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