Alley Runners

Alley Runners is about a wooden box. And if you go in this box, it takes you to a whole different time, where you face all the disasters in that time period. It also traps you in your worst fears, and dreams while in the transition from time from time period. But there is also a keyhole, which means there's a key. Tila, a young Alley Runner was made a Scavanger, and was on the hunt. When she succeeded every task she was given, she was the one chosen to keep this key for her generation. She had to guard the key, as well as find the box. While doing the duty she was given as being a Scavanger and hunting for food and supplies had to unlock the box. If she were to find the ledgendary box and unlock it, everybody that ever went in it in would escape. But if she failed to find it in the next fifteen years after she was given the key, her time period will cease to exist. No one has ever been able to find it, and many time periods have disappeared from existance. Can Tila do succeed..


2. PART ONE - Scavangers

    Tila was running for her life. She was in a life or death situation. A knife flew past her ear, missing her by only centimeters. SLAM! Tila's arm hit the rough stone building's alley wall, as she flew her arms past her sides, and she quickened her pace. The thundering footsteps behind her began to grow louder and louder, coming closer and closer, and soon her chasers were only feet away. Taking a deep breath, Tila took her final stand. She pushed one more time, gasping for air as she looked up. The white flag was up. It was safe. She could return home at last. As Tila reached the end of the alley, she leaped, clinging on to the loose bricks sticking out. Thud!, thud!, thud! Tila heard the thundering footsteps as she quickly climbed the stone alley wall. Knifes hit the wall around her, and one nicked her hip. Tila screamed but kept going. She had to get the bread to her people. Just as a knife was about to make its mark in her back, she rolled over the side, a piece of the back of her shirt ripped. She lay on the stone floor, gasping for breath.


    "Tila," a woman whispered. "Tila, wake up." she said.

"Tila quickly sat up, only to feel the pain in her hip again. She groaned, but stood, to see her mother staring at her wide eyed. 

      "Hey mom. I got some bread for the village," she muttered. Tila grabbed the large loaf of bread from her sachel, and gave it to her mom. 

      " The scavangers weren't happy you snuck out, but your work was approved. They made you something when you got back." said her mother. She smiled as she pointed in the middle of the room. A pedestal was standing there. The ceremonial scavanger pedestal.

       Tila gasped and scurried over to the pedestal. She stared at what was on it. A small badge, with tiny engravings was placed in the direct center of the pedestal. Tila picked it up and read the engravings. It marked, Official Scavanger scrolled at the top. Tila smiled so brightly her cheeks began to hurt.

       Tila smiled as she put the badge on her red jacket. Her ripped jeans looked cute on her, and Tila pulled her hair back into a ponytail to show off her badge. She was now an Official Scavanger, and she had to show it. 

       After checking herself out in the glass in the room, Tila stepped outside and breathed in the fresh air. She sighed and trotted to the Town Square to report to her station, where she could begin her training. 

       As Tila skipped down the cobblestone streets, she passed the old storyteller, who was there every day, telling the same old tale. Tila had time, so she decided to take her time and listen to the old man speak. She had made it just in time to hear him begin.

      " The land of Navaeh was once a peaceful land, full of cheerful folk dancing and chit chatting gleefully as the sunny breeze drifted over them. But that was only until queen Nioe (Ni-oh-ee) came around." started the man. "She sorted out those who couldn't attend her royal parties, and banished them into a small village where they would starve or be killed. Of course, her half generous sister persuaded her to at least give us weekly fruit and veggables, but to our awful luck, she died in the tradgic war between us and a Western country. "he said "That leaves us with our only source of food as scraps left behind from feasts and parties. But even the Red Guards don't get too much besides the feasts and parties, so we don't get much even when we can find anything. Queen Nioe is a piece of pure evil, but lets face it. Our only choice is to at least be thankful she's kept her word with no executions or wars between us."

      A skinny man walked all around the square, and rung a bell four time. He didn't look too happy, but let's face it, not a single soul in this village did.

      "It's noon I guess. That's that. Time to eat what the Scavangers have found for us." said the old storyteller. He gave Tila a curt nod, seeing her badge. 

       Tila hurried to the building across the square, trotting all the way to S.A.T, Scavanger Apprentice Training.





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