Demons || Muke

I can't believe i fell in love with my demon.


3. Chapter three.

Demons aren't allowed to let their victims know what they are. If it ever happens, they're both be tortured to death. 

Michael was very hesitant when he told Luke the truth, but he couldn't keep lying to Luke like that. He was in love with him. Now he has to save Luke, because the Demons know he told Luke. 

So when Luke woke up 2 weeks later on the cold floor in a small white room,  he has no idea what is happening. He couldn't tell if he was still dreaming or if he had gone completely mad and started hallucinating. Michael later found out that they'd already found and put him in the torture room, so he makes it his mission to save Luke before any real harm is done.

So he thinks of a plan; he knows that they won't really start torturing him till a week later, so he still has a little time to get everything together. But first Michael has to escape from his own problems, once the demons found out that he told Luke he was immediately thrown in to prison and had his powers taken away. 

He's hasn't moved in 2 hours, it's 2 am and he still doesn't know what to do, he needs to put a lot more thought in to his plan so he can insure it works.

At 10 am the guards have a break and go to take a rest, the prison is in an isolated place so it usually takes around half an hour for the professional, experienced guards to come in, to replace them. During that time a few training guards, are in their place, they wouldn't know all of the rules so maybe Michael could trick them and get them to get them to open his cell door, so he could, somehow, run out and escape. If this plan works then he would have to find a way to leave as soon as he leaves his cell.

Now its 2:47 am, Michael has a rough idea of how he's going to escape, now he has to figure out where he's going to go once he leaves. This needs to be somewhere close and isolated. Somewhere they wouldn't find him. 

At the end of the hall there's a small vent where he could, maybe quickly squeeze through. It isn't too small and he thinks he could fit in there while no one is looking, the halls are usually dark, so it won't be very easy for the guards to see him.

It is now 3 am and Michael now needs to figure out how he's going to find Luke. 

Michael knows where the torture rooms are, he's positive that the place has less guard especially  Since most victims in the torture rooms are too weak to escape, so it should be a lot easier to save Luke. If he sneaks in he could find a guards uniform or kill a guard and take his uniform, then escape with Luke. 

Bye 5 am Michael is sure he has every thing prepared for the escape. And he hopes with all his heart that Luke will be safe, and unharmed resting in his arms in a few days. 




Soooooo michaels gonna save lukey. aw. sorry for the late update, i had writers block and i just couldnt figure out how to write this. but thanks for reading if you read this, if you want you can like or favourite this chapter. and if you can also comment anything you want to see happen in the story soon or any criticism, if i could improve something or something like that. OK thanks byeeee 


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