"You are the light of my life"

A young teenager named jessie. The hood family moved to her neighborhood. Something happened while calum was touring his house to her. Read what happened and what did this thing lead to.


1. meeting

Hey my name is jessie, i'm 17years old. You'll get to know about me throughout the story


"JESSIE LET'S GO" my mom screamed from the bottom stairs. Today new neighbors moved 2 blocks away from our house and we're going to visit them. Turns out the mother is friends with mom. "C'mon jessie it'll be fun. They have a boy around your age that you'll be friends with" mom told me eagerly. "Yeah yeah okay whatever" i waved her away. We both hopped in the car and made our way to their house which took us less than 2mins. When we arrived, we got out of the car and made our way to the door entrance. Mom knocked on the wooden brownish door. A woman around mom's age opened the door and greeted us. Mom told me that the family name is Hood. "Hey mrs hood" "oh hey sweetie how are you?" "Im great thank you" "well come in". We entered their house. It's kind of like ours but alittle bit bigger. "Jessie come meet calum" mrs hood said. I annoyingly made my way towards them. The moment i entered the kitchen, a tall tanned boy with black hair stood behind the counter looking at me. He made his way towards me and stretched out his arm "Hi, my name is Calum Hood and i'm guessing yours is jessie" "hi calum " we shaked hands and stood there awkwardly looking at each other. "Well let me show you around if you don't mind" calum said breaking the awkward silence. "Uhm sure yeah why not" i said. And with that we exited the kitchen and went up stairs.

----------author's note-----------

OMG the first book i've ever wrote. I hope it turns out good at the end. I'll update ASAP

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