Two Kings

Just your average angsty poem ;)


1. Two Kings

In the fell clutch of life, where circumstance's grin is the edge of a knife,
where coincidence's a myth and fate and chance are always in strife,
where confession means little, conscience even less,
where crime is always happy to make a mess,
where deities are humans with the most to their name,
where your opinion's invalid, its voice deprived of fame,
where Death roams freely, yet no one does nothing,
though everyone can see that nobody's laughing,
where the Queen is long dead, her only memoire a paper head,
where the suits run scared, leaving havoc in their wake,
where in the shadows plans form,
dreams of revolutions that put everything at stake,
where life is meaningless, empty, short,
where killing's something done purely for sport,
where repercussions are a concept unknown to man,
where the rebels have something no one else can,

And that is Hope, pure and unaltered,
and they will succeed where everyone faltered,
'cause they have an edge, a place to start;
a startling conviction, but more than that;

A Heart.

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