Not Our World

Aliens have invaded Earth and now rule it. The aliens have won the war that was created and the last remaining humans are in hiding and Emily who is 19 years old is one of those people. Will they ever be free or will they all have their lives ended tragically ?


2. The Misson

I'm standing here behind this old abandoned building, hiding from the vicious aliens that now rule Earth; today was the day that I have been sent out on my first mission to get supplies for the people in hiding. Thick black smoke is still covering the air; buildings are burnt down and there's not much sign of any human existence. Aliens, or  as we call them 'hawks', are prowling around looking for humans to keep captive in one of the few surviving buildings, killing them to see if there's anything in us that they could use. They have big black beady eyes, blue scaly skin and even walk and talk like us humans; acting like they've lived on Earth for years. If you're wondering what happened, they (the aliens) invaded, destroying anything in their way including humans. The terrible war that was created lasted for four months - yesterday was the day that it all end and unfortunately the alien won. I was very lucky. Before the war started, I got took to a hideout that had been partly built so now that's where I stay with the last survivors. The alien leader is looking for us though, he knows some of us are still alive. This leader has actually got quite a human name, he's called Conor.



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