Not Our World

Aliens have invaded Earth and now rule it. The aliens have won the war that was created and the last remaining humans are in hiding and Emily who is 19 years old is one of those people. Will they ever be free or will they all have their lives ended tragically ?


3. My old life

Before this tragic event, I had an average life. I lived with my mum who was a doctor and my dad who was an artist/photographer. We lived in London and I had quit a few friends. I dreamed of being like my mum and dad and being either and artist or a doctor. When I was born, they both insisted on naming me Emily so that's now my name and I am 19 years old. I am now one of the few surviving humans as we are now nearly non-existent thanks to Conor. I don't even think that my family and friends are alive now because unfortunately they didn't get taken away to the hideout like I did.

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