Not Our World

Aliens have invaded Earth and now rule it. The aliens have won the war that was created and the last remaining humans are in hiding and Emily who is 19 years old is one of those people. Will they ever be free or will they all have their lives ended tragically ?


4. Almost Caught

Sneaking into the back of a haunting food store, I realise that most of the dead bodied have been moved already. I have managed to grab most of the supplies that we need before an alien walked in, obviously sensing that I was in here. Discretely I hid behind this small shelf of tinned food that is next to me. I am feeling so man different things right now but distraught, scared and terrified don't even come close to it. The alien walked closer and closer to the shelf I am standing behind. This could be the last time I will ever see anything, I might die today. It stopped a metre away from me and my heard increased its pace. A loud beeping noise filled the silent air and the alien grunted and then took one last look before slowly leaving the building.

Not taking an more risks I have now decided that I will head back to our secret hideout through a tunnel that e built and only the last survivor know about it. I headed down the dark and spooky tunnel knowing that it should only take me about twenty minutes to get back to the hideout. This tunnel is small and cramped with a brick wall it's only partly been built though because there wasn't enough time to finish it before the war. it smells musky and of soil; it's not a very nice place to walk through really. I elbow my way through a small tight space in the tunnel and water is running down the damp wall. it feels like I've been walking through here for hours but in reality its only been fifteen minutes.

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