Zayhara is new to the Aussie ways&meets the boy she has always thought was beautiful since watching him all the time on YouTube in London, England.



Luke's POV

Wow, I don't think I have ever seen anyone as beautiful as her and her name just makes her even beautifuler, I suppose.

"I can here, your British" I said to her

"Eh, yeah. It don't take Sherlock to find that out" she giggled.

Her giggle is perfect. I know I've just met her but she's amazing.

"Sorry." I said blushing

"Don't worry, but I've always wanted to meet a nice looking Aussie boy before, my dream has came true" she laughed

"Your beautiful."I said Stuttering

"Thanks. Wait wheres our dogs" Zayhara replied panicking.

"ASTRO!! FATBOY!!" She shouted

"DANE!!" I shouted

"Nice uniqueness. Calling a Great Dane, Dane" she giggled.

"Atleast it's not like Astro and Fatboy" I replied giggling too.

*1hour later*

"Do you want me to drop you home?" I offered

"If it's okay with you" she replied innocently

She's soo polite. I love it.

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