Zayhara is new to the Aussie ways&meets the boy she has always thought was beautiful since watching him all the time on YouTube in London, England.



Instead of me taking my dogs out for a walk, they were taking me.

I saw some familiar faces, but I can't remember how I recognise they're faces, but one thing is for sure they are sooo nice looking.

As soon as I got to the field, I let them of their leashes.

Fatboy and Astro ran over to this Great Dane, they are very excitable dogs. So I ran over to them and put their leashes back on, but the beautiful blonde haired boy told me it's fine and they are just talking.

"I feel bad. I'm soo sor-" I said getting interrupted

"Don't, it's fine, by the way your dogs are stunning." Said the blonde boy

"Thanks, you aren't either. No wait I mean your dog" I said blushing

"Uh thanks. My names Luke, what's yours?"

"Nice to meet you and I'm Zayhara" I said innocently

"Beautiful" replied Luke.

"Thanks, wait your on YouTube. That's how I recognise you" I replied back

"Erm yeah. I am. Do you like 5sos?"

"Yeah loads. 5Sauce." I giggled

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