Zayhara is new to the Aussie ways&meets the boy she has always thought was beautiful since watching him all the time on YouTube in London, England.


1. moving

Zayharas POV

"Mum do we have to move?" I asked sadly

"You know your dad got a transfer here beautiful. I'm sorry. I know you're gonna have to find new friends and leave Astro and Fatboy with nan, but you'll love it here. I promise." Replied my mum

Astro and Fatboy are my dogs, Astro is a bully breed cross, and Fatboy is a Jack Russel cross bully. I had to move to Melbourne, Australia and leave them behind.

"Please can we bring Astro and Fats, their my babies. All I need is them too be happy mum." I cried

"I'll see what I can do Hun."

*next morning*

"Wake up Zayhara, it's time to go and I've got a surprise for you darl." Said my mum

"Uhh, what is it?" I replied tiredly

"We can bring Astro and Fats, I took them too the vet and they've had all their injections to fly."

I screamed.

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