Just starts a new school
Best friend is leaving for America
Everyones turning on her
Will the band help her? Or just destroy her more ....



2. Chaptet One

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

My annoying alarm raged trying to rise me . Ha! Like a stupid machines gonna get me up. Hitting the snooze button and fell back on my soft feathery pillow and started to doze off into a dream about oli Skye's and pizza and sighed happily as I fell into a deep dark sleep ...


Yes someone screamed that into my ear, and not just any someone my best friend Carlos. We have been friends since a moved to WesternVile and I'm kinda glad . You see I'm more of the , choice reading other going out type of person , and normally so is Carlos. He doesn't look that type with his Devilish grin , and messy brown/black hair , and he's always wearing shades, it's kinda strange but I've learned to just go with it.

Sadly me and Carlos DO NOT go to the same high school any more (I may or may not have got expelled), and after school he's going to America for some internship stuff where as I, have no plan so yea ...

"Carlos... Why are you in my house..." I reached for my pillow and slowly moved it closer to my side

"I'm with you on your first day , since you know , I'm officially not at school anymore ..."

Yea he rubs that in my face a lot... SHIT! SCHOOL!

Jumping up ( and 'accidentally' throwing a pillow in 'Carlos's face) I ran into the shower and turned it on; then ran back out forgetting my clothes.


"You know you are 10 minuets late right?" He shouted in as a stepper out. Even from behind a wall I tell he was laughing silently. Without any make I ran out the bathroom and grabbed Carlos's arm and he screamed like a 12 year old girl,

"O Clary , I didn't think you felt that way about me." He teased , officially not seeing how I might explode, "O yea, your mum said she had to leave early and dinners in the fridge."

Not paying attention to him I jumped in the land rover parked outside the house and as soon as he reached the drivers seat I said in serious toon

"Drive , now." Knowing it was not the time to make jokes and just drove.


As he pulled up near the school gates I unbuckled my seatbelt and rushed out

"Ice cream after school?" He called out and shouted back yea whilst running through the gates I finally saw the front doors for the school. Looking at my watch I sighed only being 32 minuets late

"God I hope it's assembly" I muttered as I pushed open the school doors and stared, frozen in amazement. There was a chandler hanging swiftly over the receptionist and the walls, o the walls . They were painted bottom to top , ceiling to floor, and it was beautiful. All the colours were perfect for each and ...

My thoughts were cut off as a pain shot up from my foot and I thought for my reputation as I buy my lip trying not to curse, that's when I heard it...

The calmest voice I've ever heard , and it was talking to me

"I am so sorry ... Are you okay?" He spoke clearly, but I couldn't look at him , I just stared at my feet until i heard the bell ring then looked up at and saw he had the creepiest smile I've ever seen, he was doing it on purpose

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