Just starts a new school
Best friend is leaving for America
Everyones turning on her
Will the band help her? Or just destroy her more ....



3. Chapter Two

(Skip to lunch)

After the little incident with the guy with purple hair, i never found out his name, i got my timetable anf headed to my first classes, i was late and slept through must of them because i din't sleep last night, i would tell you about that, but i can't tell you all my secrets yet can i?

Anyway, no it is lunch, and the smell of food is making me sick. I look around and see all the tall, blonde hair and perfectly shaped and toned bodies, then i stared down at my self and a horrible look crossed my face and i felt the urge to be sick. Just as i was reaching the doors, 3 tall, beautiful girls stood infront of me smirking,

"O look, a new student, we should give her a proper welcome," she smirked and turned to her friend, whispering loud enough for everyone to hear, "God, ugly fatty alert over here!" as everyone laughed i bit my lip and didn't look up.

Come on Clary, stand up for yourself you wimp! My mind basically screamed, so i followed its orders and looked at the queen be in the eyes, just as i was about to say something i felt cold slippery objects fall upon me. Cold spagity and meatballs. Staring in disgust i hasn't ready for part two...

Suddenly as the hall filled with laughter i heard names like, Slut, Fat, Ugly pass along the room and a pain shot up my hand as she 'gently' placed a tip of a fork on my hand,

"This is my school, welcome to your worst hell," They all smirked as she spoke and put the fork in a bit deeper. Biting on my lip i glared at her and smirked, trying to fake confidence, but failing,

"Go rot in hell bitch." i mumbled just loud enough for her to hear then ran out of the canteen.

Shit, just calm donw, calm down, I told myself as i sat under the stairs for the drama department when i heard 4 boys laughter getting closer,

Now you really need to calm down, realizing the fork was still in my hand i bit my lip and pulled it out, along with a loud yelp. O great, no you've done it

Suddenly when i looked up four boys were staring at me. Feeling kinda nervous i started to laugh awkwardly and looked at the floor, then back up at them and reconfigured the purple haired dude,

"O your that purple haired dude i ran into earlier!" I said not exactly smiling, but not exactly frowning. They all stared at me then smiled warmly,

"Was that you we heard a minuet ago?" The purple haired dude asked curious.Finally something i can do! i thought and put on my best fake smile and my best lie,

"You heard something? Wow i must be going deaf,hehe," I said and they laughed quietly expect for Ashton, he just at me, his sharp blue eyes piecing my soul. I cringed but kept smiling, there was something about him, something dark he was hiding...

Suddenly i remembered what happened in the lunch hall and bit down on my bottom lip harder trying to forget it,

"Well i better get to class," i mumbled as i stumbled over to get my bags and stood up, "We should do this again," i said laughing and started walking to English feeling like my face was  burning up.

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