Married To Bieber

Maleniah is a stay at home wife, while her husband is Justin Bieber, he is mostly in the studio, at the club, or on tour.


3. The Doctors Appointment

     Today, Maleniah has a doctors appointment, and she's nervous. Justin usually wants to go, so he knows if anything is wrong with her and if he can do anything about it. But she's surprised that she was able to sneak past him and to her car.

    On the way to the docs, her stomach was turning. "They just had to set the appointment for the morning." She thought.

    She stepped into the office nervous, but all of that went away when she saw the doctors warm, friendly, smile.

    "How are you feeling today?" He asked.

    "I'm fine, but why'd you schedule the appointment so early?" She said, with an attitude.

    " You've never had a problem with it before..." the doctor said, returning the attitude.

    She began to tell him about the pregnancy test she took, and how she didn't believe the test and was worried about her health. But then, the doctor asked that dreaded question.."where's your husband?"...

    (Sorry wanted to try and leave you with a cliffhanger, don't know if this is the right place, but whatevs..)


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