Married To Bieber

Maleniah is a stay at home wife, while her husband is Justin Bieber, he is mostly in the studio, at the club, or on tour.


2. Background Info.

Maleniah and Justin have been together for only a year now and are having problems, between Maleniah's secret pregnancy, that she's hiding from Justin, and Justin's secret life, that he's hiding from Maleniah.

Maleniah is a 24 year old women, who has a rare sickness that causes her not to be able to have children, but when she finds out she's pregnant her world is shook. She doesn't believe it, so she's decided not to tell justin until she knows for sure.

Justin, on the other hand, is a 26 year old bad boy, who is also known as the very famous, Justin Bieber. He decided to look for a normal relationship, when he was just 17, so he started online dating as a normal person, he told all the girls they couldn't see his face, the only girl that was fine with that was Maleniah, she never obsessed about it, so they talked for years. Until, one day they arranged to meet up and when they did they immediately hit it off, and moved in together. And yea, you know the rest.

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