The Overseer

Shiloh Flowers, the only African American in her racist school, finds herself in a twist of paranormal activity. She meets the mysterious Ryan Hess, who leads her to solving a family mystery. Or so she thinks.


1. Extrovert

I never would have thought I would have been stuck in a crap school like this. But I find myself here, day after day, week after week. Same old names, same old taunts, same old slurs. You'd think they would come up with better ones by now.

I'm Shiloh. I'm always described as an extrovert. You're probably asking, "Oh, how does a poor little black child at a racist little school remain positive all the time?" Well, if you were, you're stupid. Extrovert and positive are not synonymous. Get it right.

If you ask the dictionary, an extrovert is "an outgoing, gregarious person." That pretty much sums me up. But positive? Noo. In fact, I'm the most negative person I know. And that's saying a lot, since I am constantly surrounded by white supremacists. 


Now that you know at least something about me, we can move on with the story. Hallelujah. 

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