Something About Her

I needed a job. But I never imagined what it would be like working as a housekeeper for Harry Styles......until one day I got hired.


12. Kendall

Sarah's P.O.V.

Harry rested his forehead on mine, and didn't let go of me.

"Kendall, will you EVER stop coming to my house?," he said, not turning around.

I saw her move closer.

"That's your HOUSEKEEPER!," she shrieked.

"Yes, got a problem?," Harry asked turning around.

I just stood there behind his back.

"Yes I do. Harry I want to know why....why did you leave me??," she asked.

"We talked about this Kendall, I have no feelings for you any more. Can't a lad get his privacy! A 5 hour trip, and then coming home to a not empty house!," Harry groaned, rubbing his neck.

"Well you once gave me this and said, 'If you ever need anything, come to my house and use this key' so I decided to use it," she said, swinging the key on her finger.

"Kendall....just leave me alone," he said.

"Can we talk? In privacy?," she asked looking up the stairs.

"Fine," Harry said sighing turning to me.

"Welcome home sweetheart, sorry it had to be like this. Let me throw Kendall out and we'll get some privacy on our own," he whispered and kissed my cheek.

I nodded and watched him follow Kendall up the stairs.

I decided to make something to eat.

A short time later I heard yelling.




"HARRY I.....I.....LOVE YOU!"




I sneaked up the stairs....and once I reached the top, I wished I never came up here.

"Kendall, stop-p-p," I heard Harry moan.

"So you thought I wasn't good enough didn't you?," she asked.

"Get you hand away from my dick will you?," he asked.

"Not so fast Harold," she answered.

I heard him put her on his bed, and yeah, they were going to have a make-out session.

Damn it! 

Harry knows how to lie very well! He never did like me.

I ran down the stairs, tears brimming my eyes. I grabbed my purse and slammed the door behind me.

I ran through the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, until I bumped into someone.

Someone walking a dog.

"Oh hey.....Sarah?," Liam asked, worried.

I just flung myself onto him and sobbed.

"Shhhh, there there, everything is going to be alright," he said patting my back.

Lorki tried to calm me to by licking my knee.

I crouched down to pet him, and he jumped into my arms, so I picked him up. He started to lick my face.

"Looks like I'm not the only one that likes to see you sad," Liam said, "C'mon lets take you both home."

He led us down the sidewalk to a smaller house, which I assume was his.

"This is my house, I bought it not long ago," he said opening the door.

I gasped once he did. The house was smaller then Harry's but FANCIER!

"Wow," I managed to say.

"Yep, come here Lorki," he said and took the leash off the dog.

I walked to the living room and dropped down on the couch, starting to cry again.

Liam came over and sat down next to me.

"You okay?," he asked.

"Maybe?," I said. 

"Is this about Harry again?"


I thought about telling Liam about me and Harry, but then again I didn't want to break mine and Harry's secret.

"I don't understand.....first he tells me he wants to be with you, next he's not going with his plan," Liam said.

"What plan?," I asked, sitting up.

"Ah, nothing....."

"Liam please tell me. I need to know," I said taking his hand in mine.

He starred at my hand in his.

"Okay, some time ago, before you did this to yourself," he said pointing to the bandages, "Harry told me to not tell anyone, that....that he wants to be with you, but in secret, because he cares so much for you and somehow he finds you more special that way."

"Yeah, when he came to Australia, he said the same thing.....and we spent some time together....and....."

"You kissed?," Liam asked knitting his eyebrows.

"It was the most greatest feeling ever! But we returned home..... he was about to kiss me, when I was pressed against the door, when Kendall Jenner walked in. Anyways they went upstairs to "talk". After a while I went upstairs.....and....they...were....making out," I told him.

"Harry and Kendall??"


"Who you talking to Liam?," Niall said walking down the stairs.

"Sarah!," he exclaimed at the sight of me, running to me to give me a hug.

"Hi Niall," I said.

"Niall watch Sarah, I'll be back in a few minutes," Liam said grabbing his jacket and walking out the door, his hands in fists.

"Where did he go?," Niall asked.

"Don't know," I said snuggling into Niall's chest.

"You okay, Sarah?"

"Yeah.....can-can we watch something?," I asked looking at the black T.V.

"Sure!," Niall said and grabbed the remote.

Liam's P.O.V.

I stormed into Harry's house. 

How could he do this to Sarah, after all he said to me about having feelings for her.

I went up the stairs straight to Harry's room.

"Harry!," I exclaimed.

He was on top of Kendall, both of them in their undergarments.

"Oh hi Liam," Kendal sweetly said,

"Shut up! Harry what are you doing??," I said.

"What do you mean?"

" broke her heart.....because of this!," I yelled.

"Sarah? Oh she doesn't even want to give me a piece of her," Harry said and kissed Kendall's neck.

"Harry!," I yelled trying to pray him lose from Kendall.

I stopped everything I was doing and looked over at the box next to his bed. I picked it up and gasped.

"You-you drugged him!!??," I said to Kendall.

"Yep!," she smiled.

"Harry! Get off this bitch!," I yelled.

Harry stood up and death glared me.

"What did you call her?," he asked.

"Harry please, your being drugged....and your going to regret this-"

Suddenly Harry's fist was on my face.

"What the fuck dude!," I yelled.

"GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE!!!!!," he yelled.

"FINE! BUT I KNOW YOUR GOING TO REGRET THIS! BUT REMEMBER THIS I WON'T HELP YOU GET SARAH BACK THIS TIME!," I yelled and stormed off, slamming the door loudly behind me.

I noticed Sarah's luggage in the kitchen so I took it with me, knowing she'll need it for a while.

As I opened the door to my house, both Sarah and Niall's heads snapped my way.

"So....?," Sarah asked.

"I don't think you want to know," I answered walking to the kitchen and getting an ice-pack.

"I'll be going home now, bye Sarah," Niall said giving Sarah a hug.

"Bye Nialler," she said.

Niall left. I went to sit down next to Sarah.

"Wh-what happened?," she asked, touching my face.

"Nothing.....Kendall she drugged him!," I said angrily.

"No! And he....he hit you??!!"

"Yes, he has no idea whats going on.....he'll be sorry afterwords, I know it!," I said.

Sarah sat in silence.


"I'm fine," she said and got up. I could see her crying.

"Sarah....." I followed her. 

She went to the staircase but tripped over the first step.

I put my ice-pack down and picked her up carrying her to my room.

She sobbed into my shoulder.

I put her down on my bed, but she didn't let go, so I laid down next to her.

"Shhhhh," I said rubbing her back.

" much!"

"Yes, I know sweetheart......this is all Kendall's fault!," I angrily said.

After a while her breathing slowed down, and I could tell she fell asleep.

I covered her, and turned the lights off, hugging her close.

Harry.....he just needs to get a life! This beautiful girl is suffering because of his stupidness!



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