Something About Her

I needed a job. But I never imagined what it would be like working as a housekeeper for Harry Styles......until one day I got hired.


6. I'm Sorry

Sarah's P.O.V.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room an hour after the boys left. I could tell I was getting liked by them, but it made Harry a little mad.

Oh well.    He was taking shower right now and I was watching T.V.

A short time later I heard him walking down the stairs.

"Sarah, come here for a second," he said from the kitchen.

I got up and went over to him. He wasn't wearing any shirt, he was only wearing his baggy jogger pants, which I assume were his PJ's.

"Yes?," I said when I was finally in the kitchen.

"I'm sorry for acting like a dork today.....," he said.

"Harry you weren't acting like a dork," I said.

"Yes, yes I was, I guess it's because I was jealous the other boys thought you were hot....and I just wanted you to be an ordinary housekeeper, but your becoming my friend instead," he said, avoiding my eyes.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

He looked up giving me a 'What?' look.

"You were jealous that the others thought I was hot?," I said.

He nodded and dropped his head.

"I wonder why? Maybe because you made me wear a tight housekeepers dress, that was to short?," I said.

"I know, I should of never made any stupid dress code's.....from now on you can dress however you want when you clean," he said.

"Thank you," I said.

He looked up and smiled.

I smiled back.

"C-can I hug you?," I asked stupidly.

He grinned and nodded.

I wrapped my arms around him. God! He smelled so good! And he was so strong! It felt so safe to be in his arms.

He hugged me tighter, and inhaled the smell of my hair, his long hair tickling my face.

I felt butterflies in my stomach.

He pulled away shortly after, and cleared his throat.

"I'll be going to bed now," he said, and made his way to the staircase, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," I said and he disappeared up the stairs.

I sighed and went to turn off the lights and T.V. and I also made my way to bed.

~ next morning ~

I woke up to find the whole house still and empty.

I walked down to the kitchen to find a note from Harry.

"Went off to the market, will be back at 1:00" Harryxx

Well, what should I do before he gets back?

I decided to surprise him and make taco's.

~ 30 minuted later ~

I was busy standing in front of the stove that I never heard the front door open.

"Those smell incredible from outside!," Harry's voice was suddenly by my ear.

I yelped in shock.

"Sorry, I should of not scared you like that," he apologized.

"It's okay," I said.

It was then that I felt a sharp pain in my hand.

I looked at it and I saw that I burned it.

"Ow," I said, the pain worsening.

Harry quickly took me upstairs to the bathroom, and got some Neosporin and band-aids, and got an ice-pack pressing it against the bandaged place.

"Does that feel better?," he asked. He was on one knee in front of me, while I sat on the closed toilet seat.

I nodded.

He looked into my eyes, and we sat there starring at each other, until...

"HAROLD STYLES!," we heard Louis yell from downstairs.

"Stay here," Harry mumbled and left.

A few minutes later I heard...

"NO SHE MAY NOT COME HERE!," I heard Harry yelling.

I scooched closer to the door.

"But Taylor said-"


Were they referring to Taylor Swift?

"She wants you back, like a lot," Louis said.

"I'm currently dating someone else," Harry snapped back.

Wait he was dating someone else?? I thought he was single all this time.....

"Okay fine," Louis said and I heard the front door slam shut.

I don't know why, but tears started to slid down my cheek.....I know I was only an ordinary housekeeper.....but I thought there was something between us....but I was stupid enough to think that.

I got up and left to my room, locking it behind me. Harry just couldn't see me crying!

I feel down on my bed and probably know how it feels when Harry dates someone, but this was ten times worse.

~ A short while later.... ~

"Sarah? Please open the door," I heard Harry say.

"I'm not in the mood to talk right now," I said, trying to control my voice.

"Sarah just open up," he said.

"Why?," I asked.

"I want to talk to you," he said.

I looked in the mirror, puffed up messy, I looked like I was crying because someone died. Why was I even crying in the first place?

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Harry's face dropped at the sight of me.

"Sarah are you okay?," he asked.

"Yes everything is fine," I said. 

"Why'd you leave the bathroom, I told you to stay there," the strict Harry came back again.

"You can't tell me what to do, you know," I said. This time he got my nerve, why does he change his humor all the time?

"Sarah there are rules-"

"What rules? Listen to everything Harry tells you to do like a puppy. Harry I'm your housekeeper, not your slave! I thought you told me yourself on our first meeting that your not my "boss", but damn it, your acting like one!," I said.

 What has taken over me?

Harry started getting red......but I didn't know if it was from anger or because he was embarrassed.

He suddenly turned around and left slamming my door. I heard him go downstairs and slam the front door too.

I fell down on my bed on my back.

He hates me. Great Sarah, you ruined your chance with Harry Styles....he'll probably fire me now.

Why did I have to be a directioner?? Maybe if I wasn't I wouldn't care that much.  But it was Harry, my biggest celebrity crush....I fallen harder for him ever since I moved in here.

I heard my phone buzz.

A new message from Harry.

"Pack your things, you can move out tomorrow, I don't need a housekeeper anymore." Harry

That's new, no "xx's". 

I burst into tears and cried, until I fell asleep.

~ 5 hours later ~

"Oh my God, your house is beautiful!," I heard a girl voice from downstairs.

"Yes, I know," I heard Harry's voice.

I opened my door and peaked downstairs.

Kendall Jenner. 

I saw Harry walk over to her and wrap his arms around her waist.

"Would you like to see the masters room?," he asked.

"Of course I do," she answered.

Before I knew what was happening they were making out downstairs.

I crawled back to my room and closed the door locking it. I sat on the floor thinking a minute.

"You know it's much more comfortable in bed then on this wall," I heard Kendall say, through her moaning.

That's it! He knew I was here and he wanted to make me jealous! I didn't even do anything wrong ! I told him the truth and how I felt, and now.....

I got up and walked to my bathroom and grabbed my cosmetics, finding my razor.

I starred at it for a while, before I pressed it down on my hand.....I kept going up my right arm pressing harder as more tears streamed down my face.

My biggest celebrity crush hates me! I'm never going to gt another chance with him! My stupid temper had to take over me!

I started feeling dizzy, but I didn't stop, I moved on to my left arm.

 I was feeling so dizzy now. I dropped the razor in the sink, and stood until my sight became foggy and I knew I was fainting. I dropped to the floor, which made a loud crash. 

I closed my eyes, trying to make the pain subside somehow.

"Sarah OPEN THE DOOR! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ALREADY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!??," I heard Harry yelling through my door.

"You said tomorrow, not today," I weakly whispered, but he probably didn't hear.

"SARAH!," Harry yelled, "OPEN!"

"Who is Sarah?," I heard Kendall ask.

"My old housekeeper that I fired, but she STILL hasn't left....go back to the room babe, while I deal with her," he said.

"Okay see you," she said.

I cried even harder.

"SARAH. THE. DOOR. NOW!!!!," he yelled.

I think he must of broken the lock, because soon he was entering the bathroom.

"SARAH!," he exclaimed, dropping to his knees.

"Harry, I'm-I'm sorry," I said before completely passing out, last thing I saw was his beautiful face with tears rolling down.



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