Something About Her

I needed a job. But I never imagined what it would be like working as a housekeeper for Harry Styles......until one day I got hired.


24. Harry...

Sarah's P.O.V.

"Harry WAIT!!!," I yell and run after him.

"Yes darling?," he asks and stops.

"You forgot your microphone!," I say breathless and hand the object to him.

"Oh, haha, now I don't want to forget that, now do I?," he smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

"Harry, no more until after the concert," I said pushing him back a little.

He made a frowny face.

"Fine, last one," I said and placed my lips on his.

He quickly slipped his tongue in.

"Harry," I moaned.

He chuckled on the kiss.

"HARRY!," Louis yelled running down the hallway.

"What?," he asked.

"Let's go!," he said and took Harry's hand and skipped down the hallway.

I giggled as Harry started skipping too.

Oh those boys!

~ half an hour later ~

"Yeah I can't wait to meet them!," I heard fan voices outside the door.

I decided to go meet them.

"Hi, I'm Sarah," I said, extending my hand. 

There was two girls and a boy.

"Hey, aren't you Harry's girlfriend?," one girl asked.

"Yeah....nice to meet you. What's your name?," I asked.

"Bitch!," she said.

"Really!? That's your name?," I giggled.

"No I mean you are a bitch!"

"What? Why?"

"Because! You stole Harry from Kendall and now you are his girlfriend."

"Excuse me? I never "stole Harry" from Kendall, that was HIS decision!"

"Oh yeah!?"

"Yeah, now goodbye!," I said and turned around.

"Hold on there now!," the boy said.

"What!?," I said getting angry.

"We are not finished," the other girl said.

"Yeah? Well I AM!," I  said and started walking away.

I was slammed to the floor.

"What the fuck!?" 

The boy was on my back.

"You are not going to get away with this!," one girl said.

One of them kicked me in the stomach.

"Watch your damn foot!," I said and tried to get the guy off of me.

He got up and teared my shirt apart.

"What'd you do that for?," I asked.

"Bitch," he snarled and pushed me back to the floor.

One of the girl got a glass bottle.

"Leave Harry alone or I'll kill you," she said.


"Break up with him or your done!"



I closed my eyes but didn't feel any pain.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!," I heard Paul yell.

"You okay babe?," I heard Harry's voice.

"Haz?," I opened my eyes and he was looking me lovingly in the eyes.

"'I'm so glad I got here in time," he said.

I smiled at him. I saw Niall standing behind Harry, as Harry picked me up, white as snow in the face.

Harry got me on my feet.

"Niall?," I asked.

He looked at me scared and looked at the back of Harry's head.

I put my hands around Harry's neck, and gasped as I felt warm, sticky stuff sliding down his neck.

"H-H-Haz?," I asked as I looked at my hand, sure enough blood on it.


"Harry your bleeding!," I said, almost crying.

"I'm fine babe," he said and picked me up bridle style and took me to his changing room.

"Harry, you need help now," I said once he placed me on the couch in the room.

"No, I just need you," he said and pulled me into his lap.

"Harry you are bleeding! You need help NOW!," I said, almost screaming at him.

"Mhmm, I love you babe," he said, and hid his face in my neck.

Suddenly I felt his weight drop a little.

"HARRY!," I screamed.

"I'm fine," he whispered.

I got off of him and his body went all limp.

I quickly grabbed a shirt, pulled it over myself and ran into the hallway. I saw Niall standing in the place where we left him.

"Niall, I need help now!," I said and ran to him.

He finally snapped out of it and ran down the hallway.


I sunk down to my knees.

Harry. No No No No No. NOT HIM!

He must of gotten hit when he was guarding me from being hit by that bottle!

I leaned against the wall and sobbed, until someone took my body and was giving me a hug.


"Shhh, he's going to be fine," he whispered.

"No, Liam h-h-he fainted in m-m-my arms-s-s!," I cried.

"Shhhh," Liam said and rubbed circles on my back.

I heard an ambulance and noise in the hallway. They were probably rolling Harry away to the ambulance.

I stayed in Liam's arms crying harder and harder.

Liam wrapped my legs around his waist and picked me up.

He walked us out of the stadium to the small van waiting outside for us.

"Where's Niall?," Liam asked. 

I looked inside the car and sure enough he was missing.

"He went with Harry, c'mon get in guys," Louis said.

Liam put one hand on my head so I wouldn't get hit when he got in.

He got us in and I was still in his lap as we drove the way to the hospital.

"He's going to be fine Sarah," Zayn said, stroking one of my legs.

I clung harder to Liam and sobbed even harder.

"You are not helping," Liam whispered.

"Sorry," Zayn apologized and took his hand off my leg.

I looked over at Zayn and found his hand with mine and put it back on my leg.

"See..," Zayn said to Liam, " I am helping."

"Whatever," Liam said and kissed my forehead.

Liam's P.O.V.

I held Sarah in my arms for the whole ride to the hospital.

It felt kind of weird......Harry's girlfriend with me.......

As I did once, I wanted to do it again, kiss her and take her sorrow away, but she's Harry's, so I couldn't.

We finally got to the hospital, and I got out and Sarah got out to, still clinging to me.

I picked her up again and wrapped her legs around my waist. She hid her face in my neck.

"Tell me if he's okay.....please let him be okay," she whispered.

"He'll be alright darling," I said.

I looked around for the nearest doctor.

"Sir! Doc!," I yelled and ran after a white-dressed man.

"Yes, can I help?," he asked looking at Sarah sobbing in my arms.

"No, it's not her.....we are looking for Harry Styles? He was rolled in here like twenty minutes ago, with his friend Niall?"

"Not I don't know a Harry or Niall," he said and turned around.

"Please wait. The patient has long brown hair, curly....he got hit in the back of the head...?"

"Harry Styles?," another doctor asked walking past us.

"Yes!," I exclaimed and looked at him.

"He's still in the operating room."

"Is he alright?"

"Um, we think he's going to be fine, but he might have problems with his head a bit and we are not sure if he'll remember."


Sarah snuffled in my chest.

"Is she okay?," the doctor asked.

"She's his girlfriend," I said.

"Oh, ma'am?," the doctor touched Sarah's back. She looked at him with bright blue bubbly eyes.

"He's going to be fine," he said.

Sarah nodded and hid her face in my chest  again.

"Thank you doc," I said. He nodded and left.

"See darling he's alright, he's going to be fine," I said.

"Liam.....I don't know how to-to......but you are the most greatest, loving, sweetest friend ever!," she sobbed looking me in the eyes.

"Aww, it's nothing really," I said.

She smashed her lips to mine. I gulped. Should I????

I kissed her back.

She pulled away with big eyes.

"I um......uhhhh," she blushed.

"It's okay," I whispered and took us to the waiting room.

~ 20 minutes later ~

"How much longerrrr???," Niall said impatiently pacing around the couches we were sitting on.

"Oh hey you," one girl said followed by another girl and a boy.

"YOU BITCHES AND YOU DICK!," Sarah said getting up.

"Woah, easy there girl," I said pulling Sarah back down to my lap.

"Liam that's the people that got Harry to the hospital! She is the one behind this....she smacked that bottle to Harry's head!," Sarah said pointing to the blond girl.

"Is this true?," Louis asked getting up, towering over the girl.

"Actually it's our bosses orders," she said.

At that Kendall entered the room.

"Hey ya'll," she said smiling.

Sarah almost jumped on her, but I was keeping her tight in my lap.

"You fucking retard bitch, you got Harry in the hospital," Sarah swore.

"Yeah I know?," she said, giggling.

Niall went up to her and slapped her across her face. She slapped him right back.

"Don't touch me you asshole!," she snarled and kicked him in the balls. He fell over clutching his lower region. 

"NIALL!," I yelled. Louis dropped to his knees right next to him.

"Let me get my hands on you," Sarah said trying to break free from me.

"Noooo, you don't touch me you bitch.....oh and just for fun....IF Harry wakes up and doesn't remember anything, um I'm going to be his girlfriend," she smiled.

"You are never going to do THAT!," Niall moaned.

"Oh but I will....," she said.

"He will remember, so fuck off," Zayn said walking up to Kendall.

"You want your lower region to hurt too?," she smirked, "Or how does a hand-job sound?" 

"Fuck you Kendall," Zayn said and walked past her. But he stopped and grabbed her from the back.

Louis ran up to him to help him with her.

"Don't just stand there do something with theses assholes!," Kendall said to her "mates".

I let Sarah go at this. She quickly jumped up and jumped on the girl that hit Harry.

I grabbed the boys hand and pinned him to the floor. Ah, he was weak as a worm!

The other girl ran away.

Niall got up to  Kendall's height.

"Something to say bitch?," he asked.

"Assholes," she snapped.

"Well, not quite.....we are going to take care of you okay? We'll just call the police from here," Niall said and dialed a number.

~ 30 minutes later ~

"Yes, we'll have this taken care of," one police officer said.

"Thank you," I said.

"MY PARENTS WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH PUTTING ME IN JAIL!," Kendall yelled as the police lead her out.

I hugged Sarah who was shaking all over.

"You okay darling?," I asked.

"Yeah, I think so...," she said.

I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Are you here for Harry Styles?," a doctor asked walking towards us.

"Yes!," me and Sarah said at the same time.

"Well he's awake," he said.

"C-can we see him?," Sarah asked.

"Yeah, this way," he said and lead the way.

We all crowded into Harry's small room.

"Hey Hazza," Niall said.

"Who's Hazza?, " Harry asked.

"You silly," Sarah said sitting down by him. I placed my hand on her shoulder.

"And who are you?," he asked her.

"What do you mean who am I? I'm your girlfriend Harry," Sarah said tearing up.

"Really? And who are you guys?," he asked looking at all of us.

Shoot! He doesn't remember!



Hello there!! I hope you all had a good Christmas!! :) And also I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!! 

Lots of love! <3

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