Something About Her

I needed a job. But I never imagined what it would be like working as a housekeeper for Harry Styles......until one day I got hired.


18. Dr.Briggs/ Letter

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up with a startle. I just had a dream about Sarah's funeral. Gosh! This is getting so scary for me.

I look around the silent room. I spent all day yesterday and today here, and it was already night time. I cried myself out already, but I feel like there are always more tears.

"We're only getting older baby, and I've been thinking about you lately. Does it ever drive you crazy? Just how fast the Night Changes.....that's your favorite song remember....I'll always remember," I said stroking her hand.

"HAZ!," Liam said, running into the room.


"I found a doctor that can help us!," he exclaimed. He had baggy eyes because he hadn't slept for two days, because he was busy searching for doctors that can help Sarah.

"Who? Where? How?," I asked.

"He's the greatest doctor to helping people out of coma and get them back on their feet, apparently. He lives in our country, England, London to be I don't have any answers for that question," he said.

"How as in how will she get there? Or he here?," I asked.

"We'll talk with the doctor is here and see what we can do," he said.

"Okay sounds like a plan. The sooner the better," I said.

Liam nodded and left.

"You hear that sweetheart? We are going to help you.....and you'll come back to me? Please baby? Please?" 

I cupped her face with my hand. I heard her lightly moan.

"BABY?!," I asked.

She didn't move.

"Baby? C-can you hear me?," I choked back the tears.

I leaned over her, and brushed my lips against hers, just like the time we first kissed, and then fully placed my lips on hers, but she didn't kiss back. 

I pulled away tears sliding down my face. 

"Haz....," she moaned, her eyes still closed.

"Baby? Sarah? Honey?," I asked taking her hand in mine.

She didn't open her eyes or move.

"Harry, so Dr.Gordon here will help us-"

"SHHHHHHHHHH!," I said not caring what he had to say.

"Harry that was kind of rude!"

"Shhh! Sarah she just said my name, but didn't move or open her eyes...," I said, looking and waiting for Sarah to make the slightest move.

"She might speak her loved ones her coma.....she must love you very much," Dr. Gordon said, placing his hand on my shoulder.

I finally looked up at him.

"He's going to help us bring the famous doctor here," Liam said, pointing to Dr. Gordon.

"Ahhh, thank you doctor," I said.

"No problem. Me and Dr. Briggs are great friends," he smiled.

I nodded.

Well.....we'll see if he'll help. For now I want Sarah to say my name again. I feel that we have contact like that.

~ 5 days later ~

"Hmmm," Dr. Briggs said listening through his stethoscope.

I looked at Sarah and back at him, and back at Sarah again.

"So?," Liam asked.

"It's going to be hard......but we might wake her up," he said packing his stuff.

"What do you mean might? I need her to wake up NOW!," I cried.

"It's going to be a long process sir. Weeks, maybe even months," he said.

"NO! NO NO NO NO NO!," I cried. I missed Sarah so much! I can't wait that long!

"I'm sorry," the doctor said.

I sniffled.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow," he said and left.

"NO......babe please! Please! I can't wait no longer! I need you, want you, love you, hug you, kiss you," I said to her, after Liam left.

"Harry," she moaned.

"Yes?," I asked, trying to stay calm.

She didn't move or open her eyes.

"Please baby," I whispered.

~ 3 hours later ~

I lay flat on my stomach on my bed. The doctors made me go home and sleep correctly, but I couldn't. The house was just to empty.

I walked over to Sarah's room.....the only thing that made me feel better, I felt her close here.

I looked at all her books, her pictures she had on her shelf. I walked around and I heard a small ringing sound.

I picked up her pillow and her phone was there. It was ringing and the caller ID was 'Erica'.


"OMG! Is this Harry Styles!," Erica said.

"Yes, yes it is," I answered.

"Nice to talk to you, but is Sarah there? She hasn't been at the studio Monday or Friday and I was getting  worried," she said.

"Sarah's in the hospital," I said.

"OMG! What happened??"

"Long story," I said dropping down on Sarah's bed on my back.

"Oh....which hospital?"

"The one in town."

"Oh, well I hope she gets better soon...."

Will she get better? Will she be able to dance again?

"Yeah.....," I trailed off.

"Well, it was nice talking to you.....I guess I have to go now," she said.

"Okay, bye," I said.

"Bye." I hanged up.

I took one of Sarah's fluffy pillows and put my face in it. It smelled like her. But there was something crunchy in it.

What the...?

I took out a letter...


Dear Harry,

-It's been a day since I got here and I already enjoy this job, if that's what you want to call it. I can't wait till you come home, it's kind of lonely.....

-You came home today......God I love you so much! There's something special in you Haz, I'm going to start calling you that, if, if you let me....?

-I'm sorry for razing myself, I didn't mean to......I love you Harry! When I saw the pain in your eyes before I passed out earlier today....I just couldn't stand it! I promise I won't do it again. Cross my heart!

-Thanks for carrying me up to bed today Hazzzzzz

- Australia is nice.....but lonely without you <3 I miss you......Harry I want you back! I'm sorry!

-Your sitting next to me on the plane home.....yesterday our first kiss was the most magical thing ever!!!!! I love you curly locks! I think I'm going to sleep now! Mwah :*

- I can't believe you cheated on me!!! Harry! WHY?????

-Liam is such a good brother....

-I love you too Haz, just don't do stupid things like that again. Oh, and Liam told me to tell you.....I need to tell you this in person not on paper.....but.....Kendall might fake a pregnacy to try to spilt us up.....please don't fall into her lies!

-I can't wait for tonight.....

- Why do I have to go to the mall....???


And that was the end.....she came home and Kendall almost killed her. Tears rolled down my cheeks......I love her even more now....!


"I need you back!," I sighed.

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