Something About Her

I needed a job. But I never imagined what it would be like working as a housekeeper for Harry Styles......until one day I got hired.


8. Caroline

Sarah's P.O.V.

I woke up in my bed. Harry must of carried me up here.

I made my way out of bed, into my bathroom. Today I wasn't as dizzy as I was yesterday.

~ 30 minutes later ~ 

I was standing in my closet, looking for something to wear, when there was a knock on the door.

"Sarah?," I heard Harry say.

"Yes?," I asked, tightening my towel around my body, opening the door.

He looked very surprised at the sight of me.

"Sorry, I just took a shower...," I said.

He blushed. "Uhh, I wanted to tell you that today you have your Jazz class.....but perhaps your not up for it?," he asked, worry in his eyes.

I looked down at my arms and sighed.

"I'll be fine," I said.

He nodded. "It starts at one," he said.

"Okay," I said, and closed the door.

Okay, now I have to get my stuff ready for dance.

~ 45 minutes later ~

I finally got dressed and my hair done. Believe me putting your hair up in a ballerina bun isn't that easy.

I had a loose pink tank-top on and shorts.

I walked downstairs to find Harry sitting on the couch.

I got myself some cereal and sat down by him, cross-legged.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi," he smiled.

My eyes turned to the T.V., but I felt Harry checking me out. Without knowing I blushed.

"You got a dancers body for sure," he said.

I turned to face him again, his eyes meeting mine.

"Thank you?," I said.

He chuckled and leaned closer.

"Your beautiful you know that?," he whispered into my ear.

I blushed even redder.

"No, I don't think I am," I said.

"You are," he said, lightly kissing my shoulder, making me shiver.

His lips trailed up to my neck. I put my bowl down.

He found my sweet spot, and a quiet moan escaped my lips.

Then the door burst open. Harry quickly pulled away and stood up.

"Oh good your back!," Kendall said, giving me a death glare.

"Kendall what are you doing here?," Harry asked.

"Well, your my boyfriend aren't you?," she said.

Harry groaned.

"I'll be on my way to the studio now," I said quickly getting up and grabbed my dance bag.

I passed Kendall by the door.

"Bitch," she said under her breath.

I just slammed the door behind me. I got in my car and took a deep breath. Stupid Kendall!

~ 15 minutes later ~

"What happened to you Sarah?," Erica asked looking at my bandaged arms.

"Nothing, I was just acting stupid," I said.

"Did you....?"

"Yes I did," I said.

She nodded her head. "Promise me something?," she asked.


"You'll never do it again.....even when times are horrible, and you can't stand it anymore," she said.

I looked at my friend.

"I promise," I said.

She hugged me. This is what I exactly needed.

Erica took my hand and lead me out of the changing room, to the room where my class was.

"That's Caroline, she thinks she's the best in the class, and she's the teachers favorite.....and she's also really mean to the other girls," Erica whispered pointing to a blond skinny girl.

I nodded and we both sat down on the floor and stretched.

~ a while later ~

"And step two, three, four. One, two, three, four., two, three, four, " our teacher yelled.

Jazz isn't really that easy, but I was born to be a dancer.

"Okay take five!," our teacher said. That meant we have five minutes to rest.

I saw Erica quickly go get a drink of water.

"So your the one that works for Harry Styles?," Caroline said walking up to me.

"Yes," I said.

"He abuses you more then treats you nice doesn't he?," she said eyeing my arms.

"He did NOT do that!," I said.

"Yeah right," she said, "He's just a dickhead."

"Don't you dare call him that!," I said.

"Oh, it's because your one of his fans....aren't you....protecting your little favorite singer? Well the next thing you know he'll be raping you!," she said.

"One more time he DID NOT HURT ME!," I said.

"You have bandaged arms. You live with Harry Styles. He MUST have something to do with this," she said lifting one of my arms. I pulled my arm back.

"It's none of you business," I said.

"OKAY everyone back to your spot!," the teacher yelled.

Erica quickly came back to my side.

~ an hour later ~

"Sarah, could you please go to the supermarket and get some yogurt, milk, and cereal?," Harry asked from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, anything else?," I asked driving towards the local supermarket.

"That would be all," he said.

"Harry?," I asked.


"Is she gone?"

"Yes, we had a talk and I told her I no longer have feelings for her....and she got mad and left."

"Harry I'm sorry." 

"Sarah it's not your fault. I never like Kendall at all. She just followed me around and stuff."

"Oh, well see you later," I said.

"Okay bye sweetheart," he said and hanged up.

Did he just say sweetheart??!!



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