Something About Her

I needed a job. But I never imagined what it would be like working as a housekeeper for Harry Styles......until one day I got hired.


9. Australia

Sarah's P.O.V.

I got home and unpacked the things I bought.

"Harry?," I asked, looking around. Where is he?

I walked up the stairs, taking my bag with me, to my room.

Before I touched the doorknob to my room...

"Sarah? Come here for a second," I heard Harry say from his room.

I walked into his room, for the first time.

Harry was sitting by his desk, starring into his computer.

"What is this suppose to mean?," he asked, disappointment in his eyes, pointing to the screen.

I read what it said...

"The mysterious housekeeper admits that she's been tortured by Harry Styles at his house."
My mouth dropped open.

"I did.....I did not...."

"Sarah, I'm disappointed in you," Harry said, putting his head in his hands, "I never even touched you!"

"Harry I can explain-"

"No Sarah go to your room....I need to be alone," he said getting up, making no eye contact with me.

"Harry please, just listen!"

"NO! Go to your room Sarah!," he said a little louder.

"Fine!," I said and stormed off.

Once I reached my room I locked the door, and fell face-down on my bed.

Then I got a sad idea.

Dear Harry,

I wanted to tell you those rumors are ONLY rumors.....I was talking today with his girl named Caroline, and SHE thought I was abused by you. I told her to not ever think that. But she just wouldn't listen to me and kept telling me that your a horrible person. She's not a directioner that's probably why.....Harry I'm so sorry.....this should of not happened.....I's for the best.....if I leave.
With love and sorrow,


When I finished the letter, it was already 10:00 pm. The whole house was quiet. I grabbed my suitcase, my bags, and with a heavy heart I packed my things.

This is for the best. I just ruined Harry's life. What will management think of him after they see the rumor???

By the time I was finished packing it was 2:00 am.

I sighed took one last look at the room, and turned around to the staircase.

I left the letter on my bed.

I put my stuff in the back of my car, as tears slid down my face. I can't believe I'm doing this!!

I looked one last time at Harry's dark window.

"I'll always love you," I whispered and got into my car, driving away.

~ 1 hour later ~

I was sitting at the airport. I decided to fly over to Australia. That's were my aunt and uncle lived. California had just been a nightmare to me, and I couldn't stay here.

"Flight 2. Australia," the lady said. 

I made my way through the tunnel connected to the plane.

I found a nice seat next to the window.

And I fell asleep.


"Ma'am, wake up," I was waken up by the flight attendance.

"Are we here already?," I asked yawning.

"Yes, welcome to Australia," she smiled. I smiled back.

It all seemed like a nightmare, but no it was true.

I looked at my watch, still California time...8:00 am.

Harry probably is still sleeping. Wait....why am I thinking about him?

I decided to book an hotel for now.

"Here you go ma'am. Room 134," the front desk lady said.

"Thank you," I said making my way to the elevator.

"Hold up!," two boys come running my way, just as the elevator was closing.

I quickly reopened the doors.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

"It's okay," one of them said.

I looked up and saw a blond boy and a red-haired boy.

They both smiled at me.

"Uh, Hi I'm Sarah," I said.

"I'm Luke, he's Michael...but you probably know, by the look on your face, who we are," Luke said.

I nodded.

"I love your music so much!," I said.

"Why thank you Sarah," Michael said.

I smiled.

"So what are you guys doing here?," I asked as the elevator stopped at my level, theirs too apparently.

"We just came home, and we're staying one night at the hotel and then going to visit our families before the tour starts," Luke said.

"Ahh, that's nice," I said, "This is my room," I said nodding towards the door.

"Really! Our room is right next to yours and Cal's and Ash's is right next to that!," Michael said.

"That's cool," I said.

"Perhaps you'd like to go out to lunch with us at one?," Michael asked.

"Sure," I said.

"Well, see you then," Luke said and they went into their room.

I sighed and opened my door.

I threw myself on the bed, and started crying, not because of Luke and Michael, because I missed Harry actually.


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