The Boy in the Cafe

Jessica is the new girl in town. After her family moves in, she visits a local cafe, and meets Ashton Irwin, the local murderer. Okay, he’s not a murderer, but he did put a man into a severe coma after getting into a car accident. Ashton was the drummer in the local rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer, which instantly split after the incident. Now, Ashton is hated throughout the town, and no one speaks to him at school, which causes him to be diagnosed with depression. When Ashton meets Jessica, he is finally able to be happy again, as long as she never discovers his biggest secret.


3. Chapter 2

After sitting with Ashton and getting to know a lot about him, I had gained another friend. He was super funny, and right from the start, I knew we would be great friends. He told me that he didn’t really have any friends at school. I asked why, but he just looked down and picked at his chips.

    “You don’t have to tell me, Ashton. I understand if it’s some personal reason or if you just don’t want to talk about it.”

    He nodded. “Thank you. So, enough about me. Tell me a little bit more about you.”

    “Well, I’m from Denver, Colorado, which is in America. We used to move around Denver a lot because of my father’s job, but we never moved out of the state. He recently got a promotion, which meant we had to move here.” I explained. Then I suddenly remembered the one thing that made moving the worst thing that has happened in my life.


    Tears fell down my face as I saw the car I knew too well pull into my driveway. A tall boy quickly got out of the car, walked over to me, and pulled me into a tight hug.

    He ran his hand through my hair and planted kisses on my forehead. “Shh, Jessica, what’s going on? Why did you call me?”

    I sniffled and looked up at him. He wiped my tears away as I started to talk. “My dad got a promotion…and we have to move to Camden, Australia. I don’t want to go, I don’t want to leave you, David. I’m sorry.” I buried my face in his shoulder.

    I could tell David was just as upset as I was. We had been dating for years now, and we had been practically inseparable. The thought of leaving him was not something that ever crossed my mind. 


    “Jessica? Are you alright?” A voice brought me out of my daze, and I realized I had shed a few tears. I looked up and remembered I was with Ashton.

    “I’m sorry. The one thing that made moving so awful was leaving my boyfriend…” At this point, I thought I saw Ashton’s face fall slightly. I shrugged it off. “We had been dating for almost four years, and I was truly in love with him. We knew a long distance relationship of over 8,000 miles would be difficult. So, we broke up. It was something neither of us ever wanted to do, but we knew we had to.” 

    Ashton smiled slightly and said, “Well, although you had to leave him and your other friends, you can meet more here. You’ve already met me, and I have a feeling we’ll be great friends.”

    I smiled back at him and nodded. Yeah, I left David and I’ll miss him a bunch. But maybe moving to Australia won’t be as bad as I expected.

    Ashton looked down at his watch, which led me to check my phone. It was past 7PM; I didn't realize Ashton and I had been talking for almost two hours. 

    “Well, I probably have to go. I told my mom I was just going out for a quick dinner. It was so great to meet you, Ashton.” I started to get up, but Ashton quickly grabbed my arm.

    He let go and looked down. “Um…” He then grabbed a napkin and pulled a pen out of his blazer, and quickly jotted down some numbers on the napkin. “Here’s my number. Call me when you get home. I mean, only if you want…”

    I took the napkin from him and gave him a fond smile. I started walking towards the door of the cafe. “Jessica?” I turned, facing Ashton. “You can call me Ash.” His smile was like a smile I’ve never seen before.

    “See you later. Ash.” And I left.


    “Mom, Dad, I’m home!” I threw the car keys on the table and walked into the living room where my parents were. 

    “Did you make any new friends at the cafe?” My dad asked.

    “Yeah, I did. A boy. His name is Ash.” I answered and faintly blushed.

    He looked up at me. “A boy?”

    “Yes, Dad. A boy.” I laughed and stood up, going upstairs. 

    When I got to my room, I closed the door behind me, and walked over to my bed. It must have been put here when I was at the cafe with Ashton.


    Oh god, he was wonderful. He was super hot and had a great personality to go along with his looks. I decided to pull out my phone and send him a text. I typed in the number written on the napkin.

    Is this Ashton? It’s me, Jessica, from the cafe.

    I got an immediate response.

    Hello beautiful girl. Yeah, it’s Ashton. The boy in the cafe.

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