The Boy in the Cafe

Jessica is the new girl in town. After her family moves in, she visits a local cafe, and meets Ashton Irwin, the local murderer. Okay, he’s not a murderer, but he did put a man into a severe coma after getting into a car accident. Ashton was the drummer in the local rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer, which instantly split after the incident. Now, Ashton is hated throughout the town, and no one speaks to him at school, which causes him to be diagnosed with depression. When Ashton meets Jessica, he is finally able to be happy again, as long as she never discovers his biggest secret.


2. Chapter 1

Who's ready for the new-and-improved The Boy in the Cafe???

It was quick.

    He didn’t realize what he had done, his intoxicated mind focused on the fuzzy lights and the faded sounds of cars.

    The small Volkswagen Beetle didn’t stand a chance to his large pick-up truck. 

    The scene has horrid. The red and blue lights smudged together like a painting. Sirens and car horns went through one ear and out the other.

    Before he passed out, he was able to see a glimpse of a man being carried off on a stretcher.




    “New house, new town, new life.” I sighed, turning to see the moving van drive down the street. My parents were carrying boxes inside the two-story house that we will soon call ours. 

    “Jessica!” I heard my mom call from the doorway. “Mind lending a hand? The sooner we finish, the sooner we can get dinner.” 

    I shrugged and walked to the car, grabbing two boxes with “JESSICA’S ROOM” printed on them with my dad’s neat handwriting.         

    As I walked into the house, I noticed how big it actually was. Back in my old house, we had looked at this house online, but pictures on a computer screen didn’t compare to the actual thing.


    “Jessica, do you like this house?” My parents had asked randomly. I walked over with a confused expression and flipped through the pictures.

    “Yeah, it’s a nice house…but why are you asking?”

    “We’re moving.” My father said bluntly.

    I laughed. “Oh? I mean, we’ve moved before. Why is it a big deal now?”

    My parents looked at each other. My mother spoke up. “Well, we’re not moving to just a neighborhood around the block. We’re moving to a neighborhood…across the world.”

    My eyes widened, not quite understanding. My father noticed this and explained. “I got a promotion, and that means we have to move near the Australian office.”

    “WE”RE MOVING ALL THE WAY TO AUSTRALIA?” I was obviously upset. We’ve moved from one neighborhood to the next one or two times, but I’ve never moved out of my city, let alone the country.


    I finally got to the room that I’ve claimed as mine and put the boxes on the ground in the corner. I slouched down against the wall and tried to imagine waking up in the room every day from now on.

    There’s so much we needed to do now that we were in our new home. Set up furniture, unpack every box, buy groceries, enroll me in school, and a long list of other things. All the stress of the move was eating me up, and I needed time for myself. Plus, I was starving.

    I hopped down the stairs and almost ran into my mom, who was coming through the front door. “Hey mom, I’m starving. Can I take the car and find a place to eat?” 

    “Yeah, honey. I heard there’s a cafe a couple blocks away. Also, be careful while driving - you haven't gotten your new license yet.” 

    I took the keys from the newly placed table by the front door and headed to the car. As I drove to the cafe, I made note of some things I saw around me. A cute boy mowing the lawn few doors down, twin toddlers playing with their parents in their front yard. As I got the the main road where the shops and such were, I saw the cafe mom was talking about: Cosmic Cafe.

    The parking lot was practically empty, with only three cars. A shiny red mustang, a dirty white SUV, and a black pickup truck with dents in the front. I parked and headed inside.

    I heard faint music playing, 50s era music, which gave the place a homey feel. I walked up to the counter and an older lady approached me. She looked like the owner of the cafe. “Hi there, are you new to town?” She had a thick Australian accent. I’ll have to get used to that.

    I nodded, “Yeah, I am. I just moved here from Colorado, United States. I’m Jessica.”

    The lady smiled and responded, “Colorado! I’ve been there once, it was wonderful. My name’s Cathleen. I own this cafe and my daughters help out in the back. Welcome to Camden.” She handed me a menu and I ordered a burger with french fries and a coke. While ordering, I learned that french fries are called “chips” here. I’ll have to get used to that.

    Cathleen told me a few things about Camden while my food was being made. She introduced me to some terms that Aussies use that aren't the same in America. Overall, she was a very sweet woman and I was glad that she was the first person I met and befriended in Australia. 

    When I got my food, I went to find a place to sit. There was a small family sitting near to entrance, but I didn’t want to bother them. I noticed a boy in the back corner booth who looked a little older than me. He was wearing a navy blue blazer which had “Camden High School” on it. I remember my mom telling me that was the high school I’ll be attending. 

    I decided to walk over to the boy and introduce myself. When I got to the booth, I tapped on the table. He jumped and looked up at me, his grimace instantly turning into a small smile. I smiled back and said, “Hi, I’m Jessica. I just moved here from America and I was wondering if I could sit with you?”

    The boy nodded and answered (with an Australian accent, of course), “Of course you can. I’m Ashton, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

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