is it really worth it

Katelin auditioned for the "X-Factor" in 2013, but when she bumps into someone she adored so much, she asks herself...Is It Really Worth It?


6. Sleepover with ALL my friends

Katelin's pov

Paul got all of the lads in the car and when I was walking away someone grabbed my hand and a familiar

voice flooded my ears, "Um. Excuse me, love where do you think you're going?" I turned and faced Louis.

"I am going home cause you know I kind of walked here and my roommate will flip."

" Do you want us to come over or?"

"You can spend the night, all of you." Louis looked a little confused then smiled the he nodded. I put my number in his phone and texted myself and save his number then pecked his lips. "I will see you later." "Okay." the he got in the car and drove off.

*skipping the walk home*

"Shannon, we have guest's coming for the night but don't..."

I heard her scream but it wasn't a scared scream it was the scream she always did when she found out something that has to do with one direction.

"You and Louis Tomlinson kissed?!"

"Yeah and him and the lads are spending the night so..."

"Don't freak out, yeah yeah yeah. WAIT!! Harry's coming to?"

Just then the doorbell rang and the lads walked in as I walked over to Louis and kissed him. As we pulled away I heard Harry and Shannon talking and they kissed!!!

"You and Harry Styles kissed?!" Then she glared at be while Niall laughed like a crazy person.

But all I did was put my hands up in defense which made everyone else laugh. We all sat down bored like crazy then Zayn spoke up, "Who's up for a little 'Truth Or Dare'?".

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