is it really worth it

Katelin auditioned for the "X-Factor" in 2013, but when she bumps into someone she adored so much, she asks herself...Is It Really Worth It?


2. Remember me, now?

Louis' pov

"Don't be it was my fault, plus I'm the gentleman here." She looked up at me and look shocked. What did I do?

"Louis." I couldn't hear what she said but her breath trembled.



"Well,Well,Well look who it is lads, Katelin the wannabe" I said with a smirk.

It was lunch, torture time. 

Katelin was my prime victim only because I like her. But I could tell she was scared of me but the head cheerleader who liked me took it too far one day.

"Oh, look who it is, the orphan." Jessica said in her high pitched voice. Katelin lost her parents a week ago and Jessica didn't know how to but out of people's business.

"Shut up, Jessica" Katelin said in her bold voice and Jess got more mad so when I tried backing Katelin up but Jessica took my smoothie and dumped it on Katelin. So, Katelin got up and punched Jessica's nose breaking it. When Jessica stood up she actually looked scared. "Have fun with your daddy getting you a new nose job." Katelin seemed different now, Stronger.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK OVER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Sorry, I-I got to go."

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