is it really worth it

Katelin auditioned for the "X-Factor" in 2013, but when she bumps into someone she adored so much, she asks herself...Is It Really Worth It?


1. Audition

I walked on to the stage nervous beyond belief. I was walking on to the stage of "X-factor", not sure if I was ready, but now I had no choice.

"Hi love, what's your name, age and thing you do for a living?" Even when Simon talked I got more nervous.

Well besides my mum, dad, and other siblings either dead or in America, I really don't have much of a back story.

(this is NOT based off of true things this is completely fake.) 

"I'm Katelin Roberts, I'm 19, and I don't have a professional job,so."

Simon smirked,Great.

"Then,why did you come here."

"Because my parents died last year,and all of my siblings are in America and they rub it in my face how great their life's are meanwhile I'm here with nothing to live for, I just want to prove that I am somebody that my siblings can't push around cause quite frankly, I am over being the outcast." Surprisingly, everyone cheered, wow all I did was speak.

"Well Katelin, you haven't sang anything but I think you can actually win this.What are you going to sing for us?"

"Skinny Love."

I sang with so much emotion, as soon as I finished everybody gave me a standing ovation.

"Well... That. Was. Amazing." I was really shocked by what Simon said.

All of the judges said yes it's up to Simon.

"You know when people say don't underestimate others, Thats exactly what I did and now I regret it because your voice has some sort of tone in it that EVERYONE should hear...It's a yes from me." 

"Thank you all so much. You have no idea how happy you have just made me honestly!"

As soon as I got off stage I bumped into a guy who was really cute.

"Sorry, I should have paid more attention to where I was walking."

"Don't be it was me fault, plus I'm the gentleman here."

I recognized the voice then I looked up and saw him .


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