Love Forgotten (5sos)

Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. It seems they all have an interest in Kallisto Grace, a contestant on The Twist, along with Lacey Sherman and Owen Givings. But Kallisto doesn't want anything to do with people. Alright, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but close enough. Lacey though, that's another story. She'll do anything to make Kallisto look bad and get the attention for herself. All that, makes for a long story.
(All credit for the cover goes to Dystopia)


4. To date or not to date?

Three nights after their arrival to New York city, a storm was blowing. 

Kallisto was suddenly jolted awake with a scream from a nightmare by the thunder. She shivered, despite the layer of sweat that covered her and stuck strands of brown and red hair to her shoulder blades. Green eyes were suddenly blown wide as a flash of lighting struck outside before all turned dark.

Another squeal.

Heart pounding, she knew she needed someone. It didn't even matter who so much, as long as she had company in the darkness surrounding everything. 

Although she didn't know why, she found herself tiptoeing out the door, and across the hall, knocking on the door before opening it. 

"L-Luke?" She whispered to nothing. But she got a response.

"Yeah?" A rough, sleepy voice mumbled into a pillow, muffling it. 

"C-can I sleep i-in he-ere?" In the light of the next flash of lighting, she saw the covers being lifted by his arm as his responce. She stumbled through the dark until she bumped into the bed, and crawled in. The arm recently holding the many blankets wrapped around her and pulled her body closer. 

"Why are shaking so much?" He whispered, his mouth close enough to her ear she could feel Luke's hot breath. It reminded her of their first encounter, causing her shaking to increase and her breathing to speed up.

"Are you scared of the dark?" Luke guessed. Kallisto shook her head in response. It wasn't entirely a lie at the moment, her fear of the dark is what caused her to go to him in the first place.

He pulled her closer to him and held her tighter, using his other hand to play with the loose strands of hair. Her shaking soon stopped and her breathing went back to normal, and she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.



She woke up the next morning to another clap of thunder, but this time with an arm around her. Then she remembered what she did last night. She took one fear to get rid of another. At least, he didn't scare her anymore.

"Good morning."  The sound of his voice instantly brought her back to reality. "The power is still out."

"What time is it." She asked, despite her throat killing her like every time she wakes up. 

"I'm not sure, but Michael is out of bed, so I'm assuming pretty late." And if she listened, she could hear the faint complaints Michael wanting to use the Xbox. 

"I'll be back in a minute," She lifted the blankets from her. "I need to get something from my room." He unwrapped his arm from her. 

"Can I come with you?" He pouted. 

"If you want, yeah." She tugged down her pyjama shirt that suddenly seemed too short. 

She stumbled sleepily to her room, even though it was almost afternoon. She grabbed the bottle of water she was keeping on her night table and opened she small case she kept the pills in. 

"What are those for?" Luke asked from where he sat on her small bed. 

"Well I have to take this one," She held up one pill between her tiny fingers. "It's my thyroid pill, and my mom is making me take birth control while I'm here. I'm not really surprised that she did that, honestly. She's that mom who would make her kid wear bubble wrap when they learn to ride a bike. I'm not even lying, she did that to me." They both laughed at the mental image of a young Kallie full of bubble wrap.

"We should go get some breakfast." Luke suggested. "Even if it isn't even morning anymore." 

"We'll only have cereal to eat though. Assuming the milk is still cold."

"Yeah." He silently stared at the ground. Should I? Is it too soon? He looked up at her couldn't wait any longer. 


"Yeah?" She turned around, taking another mouthful of water. 

"I understand if you don't want to," He had run over this so many times in his head, but now he had to search for the right words. "But I'd like to take you on a date, if you don't mind?" 

She was shocked. Me? Not Lacey? On a date? With Luke? Someone as amazing as him with someone as, well meh as me?

"I'm sorry, I was just trying my luck, I guess I was right. I knew I had no chance with you." He starred again at the floor. 

"No, no It's fine. If anything, I have no chance with you. I was just shocked, no ones ever asked me out before."

"Really?" Luke was a bit taken back to hear that. He would be her first date. "Is tomorrow good?" 

"Yeah, I'm never really busy anyway." She sighed. "Let's go eat!"




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