Love Forgotten (5sos)

Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. It seems they all have an interest in Kallisto Grace, a contestant on The Twist, along with Lacey Sherman and Owen Givings. But Kallisto doesn't want anything to do with people. Alright, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but close enough. Lacey though, that's another story. She'll do anything to make Kallisto look bad and get the attention for herself. All that, makes for a long story.
(All credit for the cover goes to Dystopia)


3. The only bathroom

Upon arriving at the house, everyone was wild. Running around, throwing bags, arguing. Basically, being loud and guess what? That was yet another one of Kallistos phobias.

She got out of this one by going up the stairs and somehow, no one noticed them yet, so they all thought that there was only one bedroom for them. 

Kallisto wasn't picky, so she took the first room up there, not far down the hall and to the right. She checked the other rooms too, and hers was the only one with it's own washroom. Suckers.

Luke eventually noticed Kallie wasn't down there anymore, so he went to look for her and found the stairs. 

"Kallie!" He yelled as soon as he reached the top of the stairs. 

"Yeah?" She opened the door a peeped around the corner, but hid all but her eyes behind it when she realized it was him.

"What are doing up here?" He asked. "Well really, I came up here to get away from them." She said with a shiver. "But I found the bedrooms."

"You mind if I take the room across?" 

"Go ahead." Kallisto lied. No offence to Luke himself, but she wasn't sure what it was. Maybe he just took the wrong approach at first, but she just wasn't 100% comfortable with him. Then again, she wasn't with anyone.

"After I put my things in my room, I'm going downstairs to get them to stop arguing," He paused to take her hand that was resting on the door knob, "Can you come help me?" 

When she thought about it, it would be better to go. They would argue forever, and when it stopped she could go downstairs without fear, or at least not extreme fear. 

"I might not be a big help, but I'll come with you." 

A minute later, they walked down the stairs together. As they knew, the screaming and yelling was just as loud as when they left. 

"Guys! Listen!" Luke yelled as loud as his voice could be, but to no avail. 

All sound stopped and heads turned when Kallisto let out the loudest scream she could muster, higher than most people can scream. Even Luke shut up and stared.

Luke really expected her to tell them about the stairs and she understood that by his stare, so she leaned against him and whispered "Go on, tell them."

"If you guys would have bothered to look around first," he stated, "There are 4 other rooms up the stairs nobody noticed." He pointed to the entrance up and his 3 other band mates ran, tripping and pushing. 

Kallisto slowly followed after, and went to her room. 





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