Love Forgotten (5sos)

Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. It seems they all have an interest in Kallisto Grace, a contestant on The Twist, along with Lacey Sherman and Owen Givings. But Kallisto doesn't want anything to do with people. Alright, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but close enough. Lacey though, that's another story. She'll do anything to make Kallisto look bad and get the attention for herself. All that, makes for a long story.
(All credit for the cover goes to Dystopia)


1. The little one

The little one. That's all Kallisto's ever been known as. She started school young, then take the year she skipped, that makes it three years younger than most of her class. Her first year of high school, she was twelve for the first two months. 

Now, she's getting somewhere. Yeah, her mom made her do it, but she's actually on the newest singing show of 2015, The Twist. She also did it because her best (and only) friend Keisha hasn't even come home in 3 months. 

Basically, on The Twist, anyone can audition, then the three judges choose 7 of the contestants, the 7 of them do an on-stage performance, then three live together for 2 months at a house in New York city with a chosen band as their mentors.


Turns out, Kallisto doesn't sing like a walrus as much as she thought, but she was still worse than one in her opinion. A first, she nearly had a panic attack *(of which she got quite often), at just the thought of singing for people, let alone live television.

She didn't even mind most of the other contestants as much as she thought she would. A few of them didn't even scare her.

The three boys, however, were another story. Hayden didn't bother her so much, he just really liked her, and that's what she wasn't used to. Owen was the worst. All day, he nagged her to "come out of her shell" and "let him help her have a good time". She was just like "umm, sounds fun, but no thank you" every time. Who could blame her?

On the rare occasion that she socialized with the other girls, only ever Lacy tried getting her away. Or acted like a full on bitch. The other girls thought she was "adorable" and nearly babied her. She loved the attention, it was just too overwhelming for her.

That sums it up to this moment. The seven are lied up on the stage, each wondering if they would be flying to New York city withing the hour. 

"Welcome back to the Twist!" yelled the announcer, Carl Hans, way too happy for Kallisto's taste. "Are you ready to find out who will be moving on?" 

The rather large crowd cheered loudly, Kallisto didn't even know humans could pick up frequencies that high. 

"I guess you are ready! But first, let"s let our contestants become acquainted with their mentors. Get ready for... Five seconds of summer!" 

This time when the crowd cheered, Kallisto had to cover her ears to avoid her head ache getting worse.

"Now the three to move on are..." He paused and opened a small envelope, what contained everything Kallisto did and didn't want. "Owen Givings," Oh great "Lacey Sherman," No shit. He gasped dramatically "and our little one, Kallie Grace!" She then had one thought, I'm fucked.

Her jaw dropped. A month with them . At least she had the other boys, not that they would notice her, but they would keep Lacey busy. 

Kallisto suddenly felt a presence to her left, then heard a light chuckle by her ear. "Close your mouth," he said. "You might catch flies." Before a soft hand gently pushed her jaw up to close.

It was him.




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