Love Forgotten (5sos)

Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. It seems they all have an interest in Kallisto Grace, a contestant on The Twist, along with Lacey Sherman and Owen Givings. But Kallisto doesn't want anything to do with people. Alright, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but close enough. Lacey though, that's another story. She'll do anything to make Kallisto look bad and get the attention for herself. All that, makes for a long story.
(All credit for the cover goes to Dystopia)


5. Dog or bear?

Kallisto stood in her room, staring in the mirror. 

She was wearing the most casual girly outfit she could make with her clothes. She had on a pair of black and white floral leggings, and a long sleeve shirt with some kind of animal on the front, she didn't know if it was a dog or a bear. She left her wavy hair down for the first time since she could remember. 

She had bounce in her stepped as she walked over to answer the knock on her door, assuming it was Luke. It wasn't. 

Lacey spun and had had her pinned to the wall before she even saw her. 

"Listen, little bitch," Whispered harshly, making sure to be quiet so that Luke wouldn't hear her from his room. "This little date with Luke better be a one time thing, or bad things are gonna happen. Same rules apply to the other boys. They're mine. You don't speak a word about this to anyone. Got it?" Kallisto nodded quickly, feeling the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. 

Lacey walked out as Luke walked in, confused to say the least. "You alright?" He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Yeah," She said softly, doing her best not to cry. "Where are we going? I'm not sure if my outfit is appropriate." 

"Well I was planning on going to a movie and taking you for ice cream later, but we can do something else if you would rather." 

The ice cream sounded good. Really good. But she thought about all the people at movies and almost asked if they could just do the later part of the plan, but she'd be with Luke, so it'd be fine, right? And she would feel really bad if she asked not to go to the movie, but not give an explanation. 

"Sounds good," she moved away from the wall. "Let's go."




After deciding on what to watch, Luke got their tickets while Kallisto got the snacks, and they sat in their seats just as the movie started, not something that happens often.

Kallisto wanted to watch the movie, she was waiting to watch it for forever, but 20 minutes in, a few people were coming in and the room was full and loud. Two fears at once, not good. One guy thought it would be funny to throw a piece of popcorn at her, and that was the final straw. 

"I'm sorry Luke." She whispered as she ran up the aisle and out the door. She sat in the first corner she saw and waited. She shook uncontrollably,her heart raced, her breathing was definitely faster than normal. She hated it all. 

Luke came through the door almost right after her and was momentarily confused to see her sitting on the floor.

He grabbed her arms that were around her knees at her chest, and pulled her up. He held her tight and used one arm rub her back, and the other was in her hair. She calmed noticeably and pulled her head back, only shaking slightly. 

"How did you do that!" She whispered in surprise. "No ones ever done that before."

"Well I'm not really sure," Luke looked down at her, "But what's more important, are you alright?" 

"I should be fine, thank you. And I'm sorry, i kind of ruined our date, didn't I?" She suddenly had a momentary flashback of Lacey's words. 'This little date with Luke better be a one time thing, or bad things are gonna happen. Same rules apply to the other boys.' And she knew it wouldn't even matter after today.    

"It's fine," Luke felt bad that she was blaming herself. "We could go back to the house and watch a movie on Netflix, if you want to."  

"Could we still go get ice cream?" She asked after a sniffle. 

"Sounds great, I know the perfect place." Luke took her hand led her there.

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