Love Forgotten (5sos)

Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. It seems they all have an interest in Kallisto Grace, a contestant on The Twist, along with Lacey Sherman and Owen Givings. But Kallisto doesn't want anything to do with people. Alright, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but close enough. Lacey though, that's another story. She'll do anything to make Kallisto look bad and get the attention for herself. All that, makes for a long story.
(All credit for the cover goes to Dystopia)


2. Ashton needs to update his music

Alright, so here's another thing that scares Kallisto: airplanes. 

It's not like she could avoid it, and she'd never been in one before. Luckily enough, she was seated next to Ashton, not with Owen or Lacey, or Luke, less bad, but she was sill nervous from that moment on the stage.

She took the seat by the window and tried to sleep, but of course it didn't work. 

When she really started panicking was when she began shaking. 

Ashton was getting ready to turn on his music when he heard her quickening breath. 

"Hey, you alright Kallie?" He asked. 

"What!" She turned to him from the window and snapped out of it. "Oh, yeah, fine." She muttered quietly. 

"Are you sure about that? You seem pretty pale."

"Yes Ashton, i'm sure i'm fine!" She snapped at him. He lowered his head, surprised at her sudden outburst.

"Oh my gosh i'm so sorry Ashton! I'm so so so sorry!" She stammered. "I'm just not used to people actually showing concern and I didn't mean to and-"

"Its fine Kallie, I understand." He quickly cut her off and ended it with a slight giggle, not to be too serious. To be honest with himself, it hurt him quite a bit to hear that. Everyone should show concern for others, and little Kallie seemed to be a good person. 

She turned back to the window before Ashton could say anything else, but after a moment of hesitation he extended his arm to her, holding the left ear bud, asked, "You wanna listen to music with me?" And he instantly had a moment of regret. A girl as beautiful as her would never like the the kind of music he listened to, and unfortunately, he didn't have a "listen to with pretty girls" playlist.

But to his ultimate surprise, she turned back to him and shrugged with a squeak of a little "Sure!" 

She quickly took the ear bud from him at quickly put it in while he set the his music on shuffle. 

"Finally," she said as the first song started playing. "Someone who actually listens to music I like." 

Ashton was so glad she turned out to actually like Green day, he was speechless for a moment. He wanted to ask her who her favourite band was, but he noticed she yawned for the third time since getting on the plane. 

"You know, Kal," He said quickly before he could decide against it, "If you're tired, you can sleep on my shoulder." He decided it sounded a bit too weird, so he panicked and said "Just 'cause i noticed you yawned a few times, and so far I kind of like you and-"  he silently thanked God, or the universe, who whoever worked this miracle that this time, she cut him off before he really embarrassed himself. 

"You know," she said, "You said I should go to sleep, but you keep talking." 

She leaned her head onto his shoulder. It was a little weird to her, actually having someone watching out for her well being.

She had to lean her head straight to the side and not down at all, because even if they were sitting he was still so much taller than her. 

"Just please don't get mad at me if I snore a little." She said to him.

"Why would I be mad if you snored?" Ashton asked Kallisto, "It's not like it would be you fault anyway." He was curious as to why she would think he'd get mad if she snored, but he figured it'd be best not to mention it. 

She had already almost fallen asleep by the time he looked back at her. She did snore, but it was just a little squeak when she exhaled. Honestly, Ashton thought it was adorable. He just hoped he wouldn't fuck up.

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