She loved you, all you had to do was stay. All you had to do was trust her like she trusted you, you ruined her. You took her innocence and wrecked her. She cared about you all you had to do was call and she'd ask, where?


4. Chapter 4 Relief

      *Harrys P.O.V*

      "Well that's neat," She said setting the book onto the coffee table. A wave of relief came over me as she rolled the news off of her like it was nothing. This could work. I thought, for once I can find someone who doesn't care about my work."What time is it?" She asked, I immediately pulled out my phone and checked the phone, "Half past ten." I told her and she nodded her head. "You wanna leave now?" I asked her, hoping she would want to stay a bit longer. "I really don't want to but I feel like I should be heading home soon." She said sighing.

Her shoulders slumped, her hair fell down to her face while she looked down to her hands. She slowly moved a piece of her hair behind her hear. She was beautiful, gorgeous, breath taking even. I knew from the first time I saw her that she was amazing.

She seemed so timid, and fragile, I just wanted to pick her up and hold her and beat up anyone who tried to make her stressed or frightened. Her voice was soothing and calmed me down and her not even knowing who I was so refreshing and even more of an attraction. I wish I could've gone forever without telling her who I was but I knew I wanted this to go somewhere, and I needed to start it of honest. No skeletons in the closet, all my cards out. 

   "Well if you'd want to, I could jump into the shower and you could relax down here a bit, I'm a bit stinky from our hike." I asked and her face lit up looking up at me. "Yeah that would be fine," She answered eagerly, I couldn't help but smile at her eagerness. "Alright well… Uhm, I don't really have a T.V.  out here bu-" She had cut me off, "Thats fine I'll just go on my phone, I don't really even watch T.V all that much." I shrugged my shoulders, "Alright well, the kitchens right through there. I'll be down in a few minutes, and just you know, make your self at home." I smiled. "Alright, thank you," I heard her chime. 

     I turned around and started to walk down the hall and up the stairs into my master bath. I threw off my clothes and jumped into the shower letting the cold water run down my body. I washed my hair and soon moving down to the rest of my body. I stood there for a while, running my hands through my hair, adjusting to the water. It was a while until I remembered that Destiny was still waiting for me down stairs. 

    I quickly jumped out, grabbing a town on the hook next to the shower wrapping it around my waist. I checked my phone to see that it was a few minutes till eleven and I still haven't even gotten dressed. I quickly walked into my bed room grabbing a pair of maroon sweat pants and white plain white t-shirt. I sprayed a bit of cologne before putting on my slippers and ran down the stairs. 

   I walked over to the couch where I saw Destiny sleeping on the couch with the book The illustrated man beside her, which she must've grabbed it from my book shelf. She looked so peaceful, and stress free in her slumber. I felt like she needed this time for her to relax. I grabbed a throw blanket and put it over her and ran back up the stairs for my computer before sitting down across from her, waiting for her to wake up. 

   It was only an hour before she had woken up, complete oblivious to where she was. She looked around the room and relaxed when she saw me, "Did I fall asleep?" She asked while she sat up and I nodded. She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, "I'm so sorry, how long?" she asked embarrassed. "It's fine, you were only sleeping for an hour." I told her and her eyes widened. "Would you like to leave now?" I asked her and she nodded her head.

   I set my computer to the side and got up looking over to Destiny who was looking at the book she fell asleep reading. "You can keep it, as a gift, if you'd like to." I told her and she beamed, "Thank you so much," She thanked me. "No problem, you ready to go?" She nodded, would you mind if I bring this throw in the car? I'm sorry it's just so cozy," "Yeah yeah of course," She smiled at me and we walked out the door. 

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