She loved you, all you had to do was stay. All you had to do was trust her like she trusted you, you ruined her. You took her innocence and wrecked her. She cared about you all you had to do was call and she'd ask, where?


2. Chapter 2 Choice

       ​"Destiny, you'll have to pick sooner or later, and its almost later!" Tanya told me through the phone, she's been bugging me to pick a college and with there only two more months till graduation it's coming down to the line. "I know, but it's so hard, I wanna stay here, but the ones here don't offer as much as I wanted." I told her. I heard her sigh through the phone, "Destiny!" She shouted through the phone, "Graduation is in two months, you need to pick one now, or you won't be able to go this year, you'll miss the deadlines and you'll have no choice but to start late, do you really want that? A whole year just sitting at home, you'll be behind on everything. We had a plan Destiny!" She said getting annoyed. "Tanya, this is my future not yours! Maybe I won't go, and 'our plan' is ridiculous we have two completely different futures, were going to two different colleges, Tanya I'm going to be surprised if we even still talk past first semester!" I yelled at her and hung up the phone before she could reply.

      I have the worst temper, especially under pressure, I didn't mean what I said but the truth had to come out, she has no right getting annoyed with me about my future. I changed into gym clothes and ran out the door. I drove to my hiking trail and walked through it, kicking rocks as I went, pushing my self to the extreme. I was so angry, so confused; do I really need to go to college? I mean I know its all I've ever worked for, all I've ever looked forward to but is it worth it? I climbed to the top of the mountain and sat there over looking the view again. "This is so stupid." I said as I hung my legs off of the cliff. I watched as the clouds floated by, and as birds flew by, "I wanna go away so bad.'' I whispered to myself. I sat there for what seemed like hours watching the sun set.

     "You gonna do something already or what?" I heard a familiar accent call out. I whipped around to see a boy standing there. "How long have you been standing there?" He shrugged his shoulders, "Long enough to know something is really stupid to you." He chuckled. "We've met before haven't we? Destiny was it?" He said putting his hand out, I put mine into his, "Yeah, you're Terry right?" I asked sarcastically, "Its Harry, close enough though." He laughed, and I did too. "Do you wanna talk?" He asked, motioning to the edge. Before I could respond he sat down where I was previously sitting, so I followed and sat down next to him. He asked me what was wrong and I explain everything about college and having to choose. I told him about my fight with Tanya and how I have no idea what I was doing anymore.

      "five colleges? Wow…" He said raising his eyebrows in shock. "Why don't you wait?" He asked me laying back onto the ground looking up. "Wait? I have been waiting and now its time, I can't wait any longer." I laughed as I laid back next to him. "No like wait till next semester or even net year. You don't have to start right now, I mean live your life a little." He told me. Thats all I've ever wanted to be told, that I can wait. I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could breath a little easier. He was so easy to talk to and he understood me, he had all the right answers not at all like my family. My family.

    "That sounds so easy-" I started. "Is, it is that easy," He corrected me proudly. I giggled at his eagerness, "But what am I suppose to do? Bum it out in my room for a year while all my friends leave? Plus theres no way my parents would let me live with them without going to school." I sighed. 

      "Come on," He said before pushing him self off of the soft sand, standing up. I sat up, following his moves before standing up. He grabbed my hand and lead me to a rock on the other side of the cliff. "You see that?" He asked. I looked down to see nothing but miles and miles of endless sand and mountains. It was beautiful, like a painting that has been untouched. "Look at that, you can't learn this in school," He said, I looked over to him in confusion, tilting my head. "Sure you ca-" He shook his head, "No, you can't experience this through text, or on a page in a book. This-" he motioned to the view, "Can only be taught through experience. If you take a year off you don't need to sit at home, go and explore. I know its cheesy but theres a whole world out there, go see it."

    I sat down and looked at the endless sea of sand and started crying. I wasn't an emotional person, I barley every cry especially in front of people I knew, or in this case someone I hardly knew, but in this case I couldn't handle it anymore. The stress and anxiety, the pressure everyone was putting me under. All those years of working my ass off just for me to back out? I needed time to think but my time was running out. 

    A hand fell on my back and started to rub soft circles onto it. Harry sat down next to me and pulled me into his chest. It was warm and welcoming, not at all harsh like I thought it would be. His cologne covered me like a blanket having me feel even more relaxed. I don't know if it's the fact that this guy had no idea who I was that made it so easy to talk to him but it was. It was so easy, I felt like I could tell him anything and I knew he would just listen to me.

   I started to try to untangle from his grip, "I'm sorry, you don't have to do this." I said while getting up. "Don't be sorry, I enjoy helping." I he said. "And it's a big help to get my mind off work, makes me feel normal." He said smiling childlike. "I know you said business brought you here to the states but, what exactly, you know, do you do?" I asked a bit shy. He chuckled and sighed, "I still think its unbelievable that you have no idea who I am." I looked at him confused. "Why would I know who you are?" I asked and he looked at me. 

   "See this is why I talk to you, you are a fresh start for someone to get to know me. I like that about you." My cheeks started to turn red while I blushed. I looked down at my hands to try to hide the fact that I was blushing. "But if you really want to know what I do, you'll have to come with me." He said with adventure written all over him. He jumped up and held out his hand, "Where are we going?" I asked as I grabbed his hand, pulling myself up. "Somewhere," He said smirking at me. 

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