She loved you, all you had to do was stay. All you had to do was trust her like she trusted you, you ruined her. You took her innocence and wrecked her. She cared about you all you had to do was call and she'd ask, where?


1. Chapter 1 Routine


    I woke up to my dog licking my face, "Gross Jones." I pushed him off and wiped my face. I groaned as I rolled over, reaching for my phone. I unlocked it when I realized I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off. "Thanks a lot Jones." I snarled at him, rolling out of bed. I dragged my feet over to my bathroom and splashed my face with water. While drying my face, my alarm sounding off a loud trumpet. "Holy shit." I said under my breath with my heart racing, I quickly turned it off and continued getting ready. I bushed my teeth, put on my makeup, did my hair, picked out another horrible school uniform to wear, and ran down the stairs for something to eat. Sitting down at the counter I sat a banana and flicked through twitter, and replied to my  friends who had texted me. My dogs started growling at 6:20 like they always do for my to let them out and by 6:40 I was on my way to school, after doing the same routine I do everyday. 

             I walked into school, with the sun still not up, leading myself through the maze of teens in front of me. Pushing my way though I found myself at my locker, I put in the combination I've had for the past 4 years and unlocked my locker. The rusted locker swung open, screeching as it moved. I pulled out my books and put my backpack in my locker when I was greeted by my friend Tanya. "One large carmel frappé" She said handing me my coffee. "Thanks T," I took the coffee even though I've been sick of this coffee since sophomore year. "Whats wrong?" She asked leaning up against the lockers. "Nothing, just tired of my stupid routine." I admitted. "Not this again, Destiny, routines are good, they keep you organized." She said, rolling her eyes at me. "How often you wash your hair and what you use for your face, thats an okay routine, but doing the same thing every day? Its driving me insane!" I told her. "Yeah whatever," she said and laughed. I closed my locker and sighed. "Listen, it's just I've been in this school for four years, and I've never actually 'walked' down the halls without thinking, I mean my body starts walking before I can even process what class I'm going to. I just want to have fun, its my senior year!" she looked at me comforting, "I know its your senior year, thats why your routine is so important right now, go crazy after you get accepted to college." She put her hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze before she walked away.

           I walked into my classes one by one, sitting in seats that has probably shaped to the size of me, I heard the same teachers talk, and ignored all the same people. During my math teachers lecture I felt my head getting heavy and my eyes blur out, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pill quickly throwing it to the back of my throat. I counted to twenty waiting for it to kick in, when it did I let out a deep breath as my body soon began to feel comfortable. No one really knows about my problem, I started as a freshman, as a fun getup, then as school became harder, they helped me relax and not go crazy, now its become apart of my daily routine and I'm dependent on the familiar high. I through my head back letting my long brown hair fall back, looking up at the alarm on the classrooms ceiling I could already see my eyes getting glossy, soon to be blood shot.  This is what I need, not a routine.

           The school bell rang, I grabbed my books and pulled out my phone texting my mom, 'hey I'm gonna be out a little while. I have to get some things for graduation, love you.' I walked to my locker and just threw the rest of my books into my locker and slammed it closed. Pulling my keys out of my pocket my pills flew to the ground, I dropped down and quickly picked them up before anyone could see. "What was that?" Tanya said walking up to me, "Nothing, it's nothing. I gotta go." I pushed my way past her before she could say anything else, she screamed after me but I wouldn't listen. I found my car in the schools parking lot, and I ripped the door open and jumped in. Driving down the road I blasted my music so I couldn't hear anything from outside of my car. 

         I loved living in California, theres always something to do, something to finish. You couldn't drive five miles without seeing something that interests you and there were always activities to do. However today I drove down the road with no idea of what I was doing, I just looked ahead coldly. When I barley heard a  loud car horn and realized I was drifting into another lane, I decided I needed to clear my head. I stopped into a parking lot and climbed into my back seat, digging around for my gym shoes and workout clothes and changed into them. When I was finished I started to drive to the nearest hiking trail, stopping for some water on the way. When I arrived I parked my car and got out and I immediately felt the hot California air cover my body like a blanket. I grabbed my water and started to hike, up the mountains, and down, through the dried up grass, kicking sand up as I walked. 

      I had finally reached the top of a mountain near the end of the trail, I sat down and looked partly over the desert and partly over the city. I watched as the cars drove and the sand whirled around, trying to forget everything that was happening, but I couldn't. I tried so hard to just relax but it was impossible, it was like I've just dug my own graved and I was throwing myself into it. "Goddamn it!" I cried pulling my knees into my chest, with my arms covering my head. I stood up and kicked a rock off the mountain and started screaming out, "Fuck!" I cried out. I kneeled down into the sand and started to cry, my tears hit the sand one drop at a time, "Only two more months, two fucking months! Hold it together please!" I plead to myself. I heard some footsteps from behind me, but I ignored they hoping they would leave. "Hey!" someone called out, "You alright, you aren't going to jump are you?" they called out, getting closer. I didn't answer, because I didn't know how to respond. "Hello?" They said now right above me, they placed their hand on my shoulder and I sprung up and fixed myself. "Yes, yes I'm fine." I said, looking up at the person standing in front of me. It was a boy, no younger then me, he had sunglasses on and sweat dripping down his face. "Well you don't look fine, would you like to talk over some coffee?" He offered, I shook my head, "No, and who are you to say if I'm fine or not? I have to go." I pushed myself past him, something I've been doing lately. He grabbed my wrist and swirled me around, "Can I at least get your name?" He asked. "Destiny," I told him harshly, "Well I'm Harry."

     I got into my car after hiking my way back through the way I came, when I realized that I had forgotten my water bottle, it was a really nice water bottle. "Stupid Harry made me leave my stupid water bottle. Stupid." I mumbled to myself. I was really thirsty so I decided to stop at Starbucks to get something to drink. The place was packed but I didn't have any choice felted like I was going to faint. I opened the cafè doors and the cold air smacked my face, I shivered and walked in getting my place in line. After a long wait it was my turn to order and the barista asked for my order. "Uh, a tall lemonade refresher please." He nodded and I walked to the waiting area and pulled out my phone. 67 messages and 43 calls. "Shit." I texted Tanya back and let her know that everything was alright and I would explain later, she let me know she was worried and agreed to talk to me later tonight. I heard the barista call my name and I grabbed my drink and started to walk out when I heard my name being called again, "Destiny wait up!" The voice called out, turning around my face was met with Harrys and his sly smirk. "Thought you needed this," He said and handed me my water bottle. "What are you following me now?" I joked and smiled at him. "Very funny, would you liked to sit?" He asked again and this time it seemed like a better idea, "Yeah, that would be fine." 

    He led me over to a table he was sitting at where we sat and talked about a lot of things, I finally got the courage to ask him about himself, "So what brings you to America?" I asked him guessing from his accent he's not form Los Angeles "You don't know much about pop culture right now do you?" He asked me, confused I answered honestly, "No, don't really know anything if it's not in a text book." He laughed under his breath and looked down to his drink, "Well if you must know, business brought me here." He explained and I nodded, "So you're graduated then?" He shook his head, "No, actually I dropped out in 10th grade." He admitted. "oh," I took a sip of my drink and looked at the time, "Well it was really nice talking to you, but I've got to go." I grabbed all my things and walked out and to me car. 

   I pulled in and saw my mom peeking through the blinds and realized she must be worried sick. I grabbed the mail from the mailbox and glanced through them, they were all colleges replying to my applications. I quickly ran into the house and called my mom into the room, "Mom! It's my colleges!" She gasped and pulled out two chairs for us to sit down. "Which ones?" She asked eager, "It looks like all of them." I replied and started to open one of the five letters. I skimmed through the letter and stopped at the word accepted. I gasped and opened the next one, and then the others, "Mom, they've all accepted me." I said in shock, my mom immediately starts to scream and jump around with excitement. "Dad!" I called out and ran up the stairs to my dads study. "Dad I got accepted!" I screamed he got up and have me a congratulated hug, "Congratulations sweetie, what one?" He asked excited, "All if them!" I exclaimed, "Sweetie thats fantastic! What one are you going to pick?" He asked, but I had no idea.

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