Scared yet?

Get ready to get scared.
Some stories are real, some are imaginary.
Many of them are real. So get ready to get scared.
Let's see how it goes now.
Have fun reading.


6. the clown statue

A rich family with a big house, good food and perfect kids. The parents wanted to go out late at night to watch a movie so the father asked his friend's daughter to babysit his kids.

The father told the girl that after she put's the kids back to sleep, to go back to the TV room and watch TV.
The girl did not like clowns and saw a clown in the corner of the TV room. She wanted to cover the clown statue but first she needed permission.

"hey, I was wondering if I can cover your clown statue? I'm trying to watch TV but the clown is pretty creepy, you know?" The girl said while looking at the clown.

"get the kids out of the house and go to the neighbor's house, then call me right away"

By that, the parents ran out of the movies and the girl took the kids and went to the neighbor's house. 
She called the father. "now can I know what's going on?" she asked.

"we don't have a clown statue" The father said.

Later, they found out that the clown was a homeless man living in their house, secretly for about a week and when the girl caught him, he tried to make himself as a statue.


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