Scared yet?

Get ready to get scared.
Some stories are real, some are imaginary.
Many of them are real. So get ready to get scared.
Let's see how it goes now.
Have fun reading.


2. Saak's church

~~Saak's story

Sunday; 8:21 AM.
I was getting ready for church, my pink dress, my hair was fixed. I have to be at church in 9 minutes. My glasses were clean. I got my white flats and locked my front door. Church was just in my neighborhood. I can just walk there.
I walked to church and no car or no one was outside of church. This is odd, usually everyone is here. I checked the time.
I'm 10 minutes early. My church was made in year 200. Today, 2014. So my church is 1814 years old.
I opened the wooden front door of church and walked inside. I got on my knees and thanked God for his blessings. I got up and walked to get the holy bible from the shelf.
I looked at the bible and smiled. I love touching the book, makes me feel safe. I heard some whispering. People are probably coming now.
Minutes later, still whispering. But no one around.
No answer.
I put the book back on its shelf and went to look around to see if anyone was around.
"hello? anyone here?"
No answer.
The lights turned off and door closed hard. I took a candle from the side, lit it up and went to the front to open the door. The door wasn't opening.
I wish these church windows were see thru.
I tried opening the door again but it was just stucked.
"Saak" I heard someone whisper. I turned around.
"who is it?" I am panicking. I went to the back of the church to open the door but that was locked and something was blocking it. I took my cell phone and dialed my husband's  number.
He is the first man i can ask help for.
"Hello? Asher? help" I whispered.
"Saak, what's going on? where are you"
"Asher i'm at the church something is going on please come and get me out of here please help"  I was about to cry.
"I'm coming, stay on the line"
I heard someone say my name again. "Asher someone is in here"
"I'm on my way honey, don't worry just pray"
The connection was losing. "Asher Asher you're losing, the connection is braking, Asher"
By then, the phone got cut.
"Don't look around Saak" I heard someone whisper. I took the candle and walked to the main hall.
I tried opening the door again, I failed again. I sat on  a chair and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes again and saw 20 men on the floor.
"Who are you people?!" I started to cry. What is going on. They turned their head to look at me but did not answer. "Who are you all!"
I got up and ran to basement of the church. I sat in the corner and cried in my palms. I heard my name again and looked up.
"this is our church, you were 10 minutes early, get out of here" I saw a man with his face bleeding, he pushed my by the wall. I yelled my lungs out.
"ASHER" I cried out. The man took a Mary Statue, broke it in half and pointed at me. He scratched my neck with the stone statue.  "Help"  I cried. I ran to the main floor and tried kicking the door. All of the 20 men came around me and were whispering my name. They all had a knife.
They took the knife and hit my chest. I took the knife out of my chest and the blood came out of my body.  I cried and then I started yelling some verses of the Holy Bible.
That is when the door opened and everyone that i knew was there. Asher, my neighbors, everyone that usually comes to church.
Asher ran towards me and I fell on the floor. I was too weak to even stand.  I hugged Asher and the police came. The 20 men weren't there anymore.
I sobbed into his shoulder, I finally felt safe.

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