Scared yet?

Get ready to get scared.
Some stories are real, some are imaginary.
Many of them are real. So get ready to get scared.
Let's see how it goes now.
Have fun reading.


5. Pregnant

I was 4 month pregnant, my husband was coming home in 3 hours. I felt really tired so i decided to eat cereal and then go to bed. I heard something in my house. I took my phone and dialed my husband's number. "hey honey how are you?" My husband said. "i'm good, i just heard something in this house" i started to shake. I get scared really fast. "it's nothing don't worry, it's probably coming from outside" he said.
"you're right" i smiled. "I have to go back to work honey, i'll call you back when i leave from here"
I smiled on what he said and hung up. I ate my cereal and went to bed. I closed my eyes and then heard something again, i opened my eyes. Then saw someone pushing me down. "HELP" I yelled my lungs out. "HELP"
A women with white eyes pushing me down. "HELP!" i yelled. "GOD HELP ME!" I cried out. That is when the women with white eyes got off me. I ran outside of my house and went to my neighbors house.



This story is a true story. This happened to my mother in 1997 with her first daughter but then her first daughter passed away.

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