Scared yet?

Get ready to get scared.
Some stories are real, some are imaginary.
Many of them are real. So get ready to get scared.
Let's see how it goes now.
Have fun reading.


3. Canada-America-Canada Part 1

~~Canada-America-Canada Part 1

My friends and I decided to go to a road trip. "let's go to America!" My friend Rihanna yelled. "that's 6 hours from here, we live in Canada Rih" i told her.
"I know Hanna but it'll be fun" I smiled and thought, Yeah it'll be fun. All four friends on a road trip. Perfect.
"let's go on the trip tonight! we're using my car" My friend Chad said. "sure, meet up at Chad's tonight" said Jordan. "yep at six, thirty" Chad said. "perfect"
I went back home and packed my little bag. I said good bye to my family and went to Chad's.
I went to his house by walk and everyone was there. We got into the car, and Chad drove first. We sang and danced while driving, it was amazing.
 1 AM
Everything was dark on the road. Everyone fell asleep except for Chad and me. We were talking silently. Nothing was on the road. It looked like a dead road.
"Hanna" Chad whispered. "Yeah?" i was falling asleep. "Look at our left" He look frightened.
I looked at my left and saw a women dressed in a white dress, beautiful black hair and beautiful face.
Maybe she need's a ride somewhere?
I woke Rihanna and Jordan up. "what!" they yelled. "look at our left" I said. They looked and Rihanna told Chad to continue driving.
Chad stopped the car and opened the window. "ma'am, do you need help?"
The women looked at us and her sparkly hazel eyes shined. She turned her head and continued walking. "speak english?" Chad asked. "Man just drive, she's useless" Jordan said. I looked at Chad and he was smiling. We continued driving and saw the women right infront of our car. "holy shit" I yelled.  Chad started shaking.
"Let me drive Chad, switch seats"   I told Chad.
"i'm not getting out of the car while that psycho is in the front"
He jumped to the back seat and i went to driver's seat to drive. I drove as fast as i could but then the women jumped on to the car. I drove even more fast, the speed was high. By driving like that the women came off. I stopped at a gas station and we all got out of the car and everyone started screaming. "calm down, if we stay calm, it's going to be okay" I yelled.
"How can you be calm with this Hanna!" Rihanna yelled.
How can I be calm with a women attacking us?
That's because I've seen this women many times. "I don't know Rih, i don't know"
Everyone started taking a deep breath. "let's go back to the car, and then! America!" I yelled. They all just nodded and went back to the car.
We got  in the car and we heard a girl scream. "HELP"
''did you hear that?" Jordan asked. "I did, let me go check" I said. "shut up and get into the car" Chad yelled. "This is dangerous, we have to back to Canada" He added. "come on we're halfway there, we'll be at New York in 3 hours" I smiled. "We can't go back to Canada" I yelled. "Just get into the car and i'll be right back, i'm going to check who asked for help" I said.
"no one is asking for help anymore though so shut up and get in"Jordan yelled and pushed me inside the car. "Hanna please just inside"
I rolled my eyes and got inside the car and drove off to America.

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