Scared yet?

Get ready to get scared.
Some stories are real, some are imaginary.
Many of them are real. So get ready to get scared.
Let's see how it goes now.
Have fun reading.


4. Canada-Ameria-Canada Part 2


Canada-America-Canada part 2.

my three friends and I had fun at America, everyone forgot about the women in white. We all partied and had fun. Our hotel was the best.
Today's the day in which we have to go back to Canada. Jordan is now driving.

"if anything happens in this ride, Hanna you're driving" Jordan said.
"Alright fine" i laughed. We drove off and then i just fell asleep..
Someone tapped my shoulder. I woke up and saw Chad poking me. "no more gas in the car"
"then go to the damn  gas station why are you waking me up" I yelled.
"There is completely no gas in the car, we're in the middle of the road stuck" Chad said. "god dammit"
"just let me sleep for 5 minutes" I said. "Hanna please think of something"
"Just wait, someone is going to pass by us and help us, just stay calm" i yawned. 
"What if it's that women" Rihanna asked. "then ask her for gas just please let me sleep" I yelled. I want to sleep.
"I'm going to kill you if anything happens to us" Rihanna said.
I went back to sleep.
"Hanna, hanna" Rihanna shoke me. "there's a truck coming" I got up really quick and looked outside. The truck stopped beside us.  I went out of the car. "Excuse me?" i smiled. "hello" A man said. "my friends and I have been stuck here for 2 hours, we were waiting for someone to come, so thank God you came. We need some gas please help?" I smiled. "Help us please"  Rihanna said from the back.

Chad and Jordan were in the car.
"sure, I'll give you some gas" This man was so creepy.
He got out of the car and he went to the back of his truck. He took a tank full of gas out of his truck and handed it to me. "thank you so much! How much is this?" I asked. "for free" He went back into his truck and drove off. Jordon took the gas and put it into the car. "That man was so creepy" Rihanna said. "Shut up atleast he gave us gas for free" I replied.
"that is true, we should be thanking him right now" Chad said. We sat into our car and drove off again. "finally!" We all yelled. I laughed and then we got home. Safely.


This story is real. Part 1 on the story happened to my friends. And part 2 happened to my parents.
In part 1- the women was a ghost. Hanna was always brave, she always believed that nothing can happen to her. that is why she was not scared of anyone or anything.

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