My Dream Boy

OMG! Shooting star, quick make a wish. “I wish just once that my dream boy would come true”........


1. My Never Ending Life

Ugh, I hate Mondays. I hate ALL the days especially being a teen. Weird stuff and all that crap about adolescence sickens me. Going to my hell of a high school isn't even the worst part. It's not the hot jocks who pick on the geeks, the bratty and bitchy populars or my insane player of a best friend. It's the love around it. Usually schools are worse versions of prisons but this school just poses love. In the halls you can see couples swallowing each other and the walls are painted pink with hearts. In the lounge or sometimes the women's bathroom you can see some of the teachers going all crazy. It's a never ending hell of a life.... 


As as for me I don't know. I've only ever dated 3 guys. One was when I was 10 and it was a crazy sleepover. This guy got a dare I think he was 13 to give me a hickey so tomorrow we were locking hands in the hallway. It ended when I vas 12. Next was the summer of when I was 13. In a Dunkin Donuts Shop when this middle aged lady walked in pushing a stroller and his 14 year old son looking at his phone. His legs nudged at my chair when I guess fate wanted as together.  That also ended in the same year. Then I had my last boyfriend last year I guess after a week on my 16th birthday. His name was Henry and he was a jock. Also a big hoe. I just wish the perfect guy for me would come true. 


What do u guys think? Pls leave comments and like this. 

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