Dreaming of a Change

Some things change. Seasons, for example. One day you're eating fattening sweets while basking in the hot sun and the next you're walking down a sidewalk freezing your ass off and crunching leaves under your expensive boots. Some things, however, don't change. Like Dogmatic views, or Keaton Mathers. All you can do is hope for a change. Or, like I did, ignore it. Or at least, I tried to.


1. Glimpse and AN

**The sweat trickles down my body in a fast motion. My legs and feet feel as if they were about to fall off, and I was excited for that. It meant I was finally losing some weight, which I have been waiting for with great anticipation. Along with the pounds, my stressing thoughts seemed to fall off too, and I was left with nothing but pure bliss. I take deep breaths and continue down the sidewalk of my small yet decent neighborhood. Taking notice of all the houses, I let out a strained laugh, mostly because they were all the same. Two stories, with a kitchen, living area, and a bathroom on the first floor, and on the second three small bedrooms and another bathroom. I sigh and continue my way home, a two block trek. My long blonde hair wips to the left, and I roll my bright blue eyes and my poor judgement. Yes, I should have worn my hair in a bun today. As I neared my shack of a house, I noticed something worth looking at, hell, half of the block was looking at the same thing. Flashing lights in front of my house, ambulences, police cars. Medics and police officers littered the front yard and scattered as someone was carried out on a gourney, and almost instantly I realize who it was. I collapsed to the ground, my body feeling numb.**


Hi, I'm Quinn. I'm super excited about my first book and hope y'all like it! I'm sorry about mistakes in this first little snippet but I hope you take the time to read it anyway. I like words, so at the end of each chapter I'll add a little word of the day kind of thing. haha, well thanks for reading this far! 


You can follow me on Twitter @troloposts


Want to email me? quinnhornerxxx@gmail.com


Lacuna- (n) a blank space or missing part. 

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