The support group

Maddison's mother had just found out about her cutting, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Forcing her to go to a support group to help her out, Maddison finds someone there who might just help her more than the medicine and the support group ever will.


1. I'm not depressed!

They say what I was going through was just a faze.... So why was I still depressed after two years?

                       - every 4 out of 6 teenage girl.


(A/N) hey guys! I'm still alive! I will update other stories I promise, anyway I decided I would raise awareness of teen depression and suicide so i start this story, "The support group" hope you all enjoy.


Maddison sat in her brightly lit room reading her favorite book. She moved her mouth silently to every word she read. Maddison had only read the same book everyday for months... But who could blame her? The Grim Legacy is a good book.


"Maddie, love! Supper!" Called Virginia her overly cheerful mother. Maddison sighed and closed her book, sitting it on her nightstand she walked down the stairs to the dinning room for supper.


"how are you this evening Maddie?" Virginia asked setting a small pot roast on the table. Maddie shrugged looking out the window at the sun that shone through.

"Is something wrong?" 

"No, I'm fine" Maddison didn't look towards her mother, she moved her eyes towards the ground, the grass was still green but littered with orange,red, brown, and yellow leaves.

"can you believe it's fall already? Summer went by so fast..." Virginia smiled as she sat down, and started eating her supper. She swallowed and spoke again. "I called a therapist and told her about you, she said to sign you up for a support group. So I did, you go tomorrow. I'm worried about you Maddison" she sounded more concerned as she spoke. 


Maddie looked shocked, her eyes widened and she started hyperventilating. "Y-you what?!" She cried "there's people there mom! I can't go!" 


"It would be good for you Maddison Grace Terrance! You are almost 18 and all you do is read the same book over and over again and listen to music. You need to do more" Virginia said firmly as she stood up. 


"Maybe it's because i miss my brother!" Maddie yelled. 

"It's no ones fault what happened to Jhonnie. We just have to accept it" Virginia sat back down and covered her face with her hands. 


"We'll I don't want to accept it!" Screamed Maddison. She ran up to her room and slammed the door shut, she sat on her bed and cried.  She didn't talk to anyone after what happened to Jhonnie, no one mentioned it. No one wanted to... Maddison supposed

She would just eventually get over it. But getting over something is harder than it is thought to be.

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